Crpyto Influencer Marketing
by Blockwiz Team

Influencer marketing is not a new concept and it has rapidly grown across industries over the last few years.

When we talk about the crypto space, influencers play an important role in the ecosystem by creating helpful content on media platforms. Influencers in this space, ranging from traders to content creators wield a great deal of attention.

Brands in the crypto ecosystem have been reliant on crypto influencer marketing for a significant boost to their marketing arsenal. But chances are, they might be doing it all wrong. Read on to find out why!

Is Crypto Influencer Marketing worth it?

Crypto influencers create a behavioural shift in the potential customers due to the trust placed in them by their audience. They cultivate this strong trust-based relationship by sharing valuable information consistently. 

However, any form of marketing is not foolproof and the same applies to crypto influencer marketing too. There can always be ups and downs and that’s why brands may have some apprehensions about whether to take its route or not. 

These apprehensions can be that the influencer campaign numbers are tough to measure, the users coming through it may not be sticky enough, ROI could be uncertain, and that such crypto influencers are all driven only by compensation.

While it’s understandable, it’s not as bad as it may seem. There’s a method to everything and that’s where doing crypto influencer marketing the right way comes into the picture. If you’re stuck on how to do this right for your brand, connect with our experts who are ready to answer all your questions.

How to do Crypto Influencer Marketing the right way?

The majority of the brands who enter the cryptocurrency world may not fully comprehend the marketing concepts as they are unable to thoroughly research each and every lead and development in the market.

That’s why a crypto influencer becomes an important way for brands to communicate product updates, policy changes, competitions, and giveaways and they help the customers to stay updated with general market trends.

Nonetheless, shelling money on influencer marketing can still be a bit of an ask for many brands. The very reason behind this is that they aren’t convinced about the effectiveness of influencer campaigns. But if the above-mentioned reasons stop you from venturing into marketing through crypto influencers, then you may need to change your approach.

This is where Blockwiz comes to the fore. Blockwiz recommends hand-picked influencers for your crypto projects. As Blockwiz plays the role of a marketing agency cum consultant, it helps brands get the right influencers for the right project.

We make it quite simple for brands to choose influencers and help remove their marketing voids. Blockwiz recommends influencers based on ratings which we come up with thorough internal research so that the selected influencer fits the bill perfectly.

For Blockwiz, both the clients and influencers are equally important. The team maintains strong long-term relationships with our influencer partners and that’s what helps us do influencer marketing right. 

Blockwiz’s team works dedicatedly with KOLs spread across the globe. So whenever there’s a specific demand for a type of influencer from a particular geography, we make sure that the demand is met. With integrated campaigns across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Podcasts, etc., all your marketing needs are taken care of!


Crypto influencers are a necessity in the cryptocurrency industry. They serve as a type of marketing channel as they advertise your brand and instill ideas in the minds of those who follow them.

Getting the right influencers to work with and establishing a robust relationship with them helps in elevating your marketing efforts. With top crypto influencers like Bitboy, Satoshi Stacker, Crypto News, Girl Gone Crypto, and alike on board at Blockwiz, you’ll not be left disappointed when you run an influencer marketing campaign with us.

Book a meeting with us at your convenience, so we can help you connect with the best crypto influencers out there!

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