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Telegram marketing is a channel for finding and retaining community members who are interested in your project. There are many ways brands use Telegram – creating channels and groups, advertising in other communities, contests and giveaways, and much more.

Your crypto telegram marketing can reach a different level altogether if you do it right! You can also combine it with influencer marketing which helps you get newer members and this would help in retaining them in your community.

Telegram could be one of your most important platforms for crypto marketing. Let’s dive deeper to know the reasons behind the crypto ecosystem’s fondness for Telegram marketing. Read on.

It’s safe.

First and foremost, it is important to ensure data privacy and the highest degree of encryption when dealing with user data and the platform passes the test here.

Telegram is used by many decentralized projects, digital publishing houses, and stock exchanges to create full-fledged communication and advertising campaigns. There are even entire groups of “whales,” or cryptocurrency investors with large stakes. So fret not, your users will feel safe in here.

Telegram is used by many decentralized projects, digital publishing houses, and even stock exchanges to create full-fledged communication and advertising platforms. There are even entire groups of “whales,” or cryptocurrency investors with large stakes.

Telegram could be one of your most important platforms for crypto marketing. Let’s deep dive further to know the reasons behind the crypto community’s fondness for Telegram marketing. Read on.

Doesn’t get more direct

There’s probably no better way to connect with your community members than Telegram, period. Telegram opens up the window for crypto brands to interact directly with them at a level that is quite unlikely anywhere else.

For instance, if you’re an exchange or a wallet, and some of your users are facing trouble with transferring funds to their account – chances are that they would prefer to directly share their grievances on your Telegram group before any other platform.

This makes way for your brand to capitalize on the opportunity to create customer delight. Instead of waiting for the users to raise a ticket on the e-mail which may have a higher response time, you can proactively help sort out their issues by interacting directly with them.

                   “Instant trust with your users can be built using Telegram”

Beyond customer support, the product teams can benefit from faster feedback loops created through the platform. If the team notices recurring rants from new sets of users about a feature, they can improve it even before the issue is big enough for users to raise support tickets.

Bots have got your back

Bots are third-party applications that run inside Telegram. You can use these bots for various reasons.

As a crypto brand, attending to your community members can be one of the most time-consuming tasks. Answering questions is an important aspect of your customer service experience – using bots; you can now create a knowledge warehouse that can automatically answer the FAQs your customers may have.

Bots are very unique to Telegram and while there are automation tools available elsewhere, nothing comes close to the variety of things you can get done here. These bots can help you schedule posts, enhance your customer support experience, aid in targeting a specific user base, ban nuisance-creating users or spammers, create rich text posts, add custom output buttons, and so on.

           “Telegram bots can be powerful allies when employed smartly”

Telegram ecosystem has bots for almost any specific use case, with already more than 800,000 active bots. However, it can get a bit overwhelming to choose the set of bots for your community particularly when you need to go beyond the simple ones. But don’t worry, you can simply connect with our growth experts who can guide you through to grow your community.

Not just any Social Media platform

Yes, you read that right! Telegram is not like your other regular social media platforms. For tracking metrics on other platforms, you need third-party external tracking software that might cost a bomb.

                 “Crypto Telegram marketing is comparatively cost-effective”

With Telegram, there’s no such need for external tracking. It has in-built features that provide you actionable data, information about the kind of posts that work and the ones that don’t.

Unlike timeline format on other platforms where a user may visit your page randomly while scrolling, Telegram has groups one needs to join. This ensures a slightly higher degree of the intent of the user towards your project and conversations in the community always have pre-defined theme and context. This in turn improves the effectiveness of the activities like giveaways, contests, or airdrops conducted in your community. 

On a final note

For a brand, Telegram is more than just a marketing channel. It’s a feature-rich platform that seems almost tailor-made for crypto marketing.

The average view rate for the Telegram channel is 20%, while the average outreach rate for Instagram & Facebook is 3% and 4%, respectively. This gives you an idea of the potential of marketing your crypto project on Telegram.

If you want to build your community and get the maximum user engagement, you’re at the right place. With moderators working round the clock, assisting you in conducting weekly quizzes, polls, giveaways and the experience of managing communities with several thousands of users, our team at Blockwiz can help you start your Telegram marketing the right way.

For better visibility of your brand and increasing your conversion through Telegram marketing, get in touch with our experts to grow your community.

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