25K Unique Views in 90 days

Arcade wanted to optimize their Medium page to bring in more traction requested a minimum 250 followers and reduce the bounce rate by 50%.


With the help of SEO techniques and in-house experts, we were able to meet the benchmarks set by them in just 90 days of publishing.

Introduction to the Project


Arcade brings metaverse gaming experience to all with an opportunity to earn rewards without spending any huge amount on any gaming equipment. With integration of best metaverse games the platform caters to gamers and non-gaming community. 




The main USP of Arcade is, it is one of the leading infrastructure for Gamefi. It offers a  platform where yield chasers, gamers, guilds, and game developers can all grow in harmony.

Our KPIs

Build a loyal community

Arcade was struggling to build a community online because of the absence of a website. One of the major KPIs set by Arcade was to build a loyal community for them on Medium.

Reduce Bounce Rate by 50%

The bounce rate of Arcade was initially at 90%. To address the issue, they set our KPI to reduce the bounce rate by almost 50%.

Increase follower count by 40%

Arcade was looking to build a readership online and get the traction ready for their upcoming website. They set a benchmark to increase the follower count by at least 40%.



Nascent Project

One of the biggest challenges we faced was that Arcade was a very new project. They had no website in place. There were readership or social media following. It was really difficult to get the buzz around the project going.

No Operational Website

It is very difficult to build credibility in the crypto landscape. Without the presence of an operational website, it really gets challenging to get the buzz around the project going and build credibility for the same.

0 Following on Medium

Since the following on Medium for Arcade was 0, we had to start from the scratch and get a content strategy going to build credibility and bring readership to their platform.



Search Engine Optimization


Integrate your search efforts, bring better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.

Approach 1.webp


Top Funnel

Keyword research

We had to perform a comprehensive primary keyword research to ensure finding the relevant and trending and relevant keywords to target the right audience for the project. Once the keywords were defined, we segregated the same into primary and secondary.

SEO Audit

Since the project was one of its kind, there was no competitor analysis needed. We rather took a strategic approach to position the client as Industry leader and pioneer in the web3 gaming ecosystem.

We started with a SEO audit to get a detailed analysis of the state of SEO and what remedies we needed to take to correct the current situation.

Middle Funnel

Creating  a Comprehensive Content Cluster 

We curated a detailed comprehensive content cluster, which clearly defined the type of blogs we would be working on. The comprehensive content cluster included both pillar blogs as well as regular blogs to organically rank on google and helped us reach a wider audience.

Drafting the blogs

Once the content cluster was approved by the client, we started drafting the blogs based on the specific guidelines issued by the client. We created 18 blogs per month for Arcade and helped bring readership to their medium page.

Approach 2.png

Bottom Funnel

On-Page Optimization

After the content is created, we need to optimize it to get a ranking on SERPs. We added long-tail keywords in the Title, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5. We also did some external linking to help increase the domain authority of their page.

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“Blockwiz helped us with building our Medium Page. We now have 410 user count on our page. Guys let’s make it 1000 fast. Thank you team Blockwiz.”

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