260K Followers on Twitter

BitsCrunch requested a 0.25% ER on Discord and 2K new LinkedIn followers. They proposed a community focused marketing strategy to strengthen their social media presence.


With a team of experts, analytical and data segregation tools, Blockwiz achieved the set goal within 4 weeks.


Introduction to the Project



bitsCrunch is a blockchain analytics platform which offers a wide range of services to safeguard the NFT ecosystem. With the power of Articial Intelligence (AI), bitsCrunch aims to be the knight and shining armor of the NFT ecosystem, and safeguard all the NFT investors, collectors and enthusiasts from any market vulnerabilities.

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bitsCrunch makes use of AI to their advantage to safeguard the NFT ecosystem from fake volatility, fraud and theft. 


With an NFT Portfolio Tracker Dashboard, expert AI watchdog, precise value estimator of the NFT assets, and an AI model trained to identify forged/manipulated NFTs, bitsCrunch stands out from the crowd.


Practical analytical tools and AI are the main USP for bitsCrunch to safeguard the NFT ecosystem.

Our KPIs


Increase in Brand Awareness and surpass 260K impressions on Twitter

To cater to both B2B and B2C audiences, they wanted to spread the word and leave a lasting impression on the audience on Twitter.


Bring 2.5K New Followers and 8% Engagement on LinkedIn

They needed a thriving LinkedIn platform with new followers and increased engagement to target the right audience for their service.

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Gradual increase in Engagement Rate from 0.50% to 1.9% on Discord

A valuable community on Discord is essential to finding the right target audience. They wanted a budding community that is more involved and engaged on the platform.

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Segregated Audiences

Here both B2B and B2C audiences needed to be targeted at the same time.


Creating Content that works

Catering the right content to the right audience is a vital step to ensure the content works and has higher engagement rates with the audience.


Custom Content Strategies

Every platform requires an effective content strategy to stay connected with their audience and build on to their community.



“Catering all your different needs, with custom-made strategies that work”.


Blockwiz adopted a different approach for each platform to ensure that we cater the right information to the right audience.

Top Funnel

Get the communication right:

Tailor-made content strategies across LinkedIn, Twitter, and other community channels to set the right tonality. Optimized hashtags and a platform-specific approach helped our message reach the right set of audiences.


Middle Funnel

Twitter Engagement:

From creating weekly content calendars to cashing on moment marketing trends, we ensured that we kept engaging with our followers. We also planned and conducted an exclusive Twitter Space session for bitsCrunch with our experts in Blockwiz.

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24 x 7 Discord Management and Engagement:

bitsCrunch had the support of our mods, who were available 24 x 7 to cater to the queries with an average response time of 180 seconds per moderator.

It was only the beginning! Our team aligned the best engagement activities and plans for Discord like- Witscrunch, Spot the difference, Zodiac NFT match, and Riddle, to keep the community engaged and interested in all the activities. Check out the activities here:

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LinkedIn Growth:

A comprehensive strategy on LinkedIn meant employee-focused content, topical celebration, informative posts, and the proper use of hashtags. It helped us reach the right set of audiences and positive growth in our LinkedIn Followers.


Bottom Funnel

Sustainable User Retention and Engagement:

While we need to bring in new users to our platform, we realize the importance of the existing members and their loyalty to our brand. The focus is to continue with the business as usual activities across socials while rewarding and incentivizing the members.

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“Blockwiz helped us increase our engagement in the community by curating a customized engagement activity plan each week. They also helped us streamline our approach across social media platforms to achieve our month-on month growth targets.”

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