88.84% Organic Traffic in 90 days

BitsCrunch sought an SEO campaign to gain their website's traction, set a minimum of 25k users benchmark, and reduce the bounce rate to at least 60%.


With a comprehensive SEO strategy and traffic overview for their site, we delivered the results within 90 days of campaigning.

Introduction to the Project


bitsCrunch is a blockchain analytics platform that offers a wide range of services to safeguard the NFT ecosystem. With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), bitsCrunch aims to be the knight and shining armor of the NFT ecosystem and safeguard all NFT investors, collectors, and enthusiasts from any market vulnerabilities.

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bitsCrunch uses AI to its advantage to safeguard the NFT ecosystem from fake volatility, fraud, and theft.


With an NFT Portfolio Tracker Dashboard, expert AI watchdog, precise value estimator of the NFT assets, and an AI model trained to identify forged/manipulated NFTs, bitsCrunch stands out from the crowd.

Practical analytical tools and AI are the main USP for bitsCrunch to safeguard the NFT ecosystem.

Our KPIs

A Minimum of 25K Users

When Bitscrunch came to us for an SEO campaign, they had 4576 users on the website. However, they wanted to bring more traction and set a minimum of 25k users benchmark.

Reduce the Bounce Rate to 60%

The bounce rate for bitsCrunch was high and stood at around 73.16%. BitsCrunch wanted to fix this quick and reduce it to at least 60%.

Increase the Organic Traffic by 55%

The organic traffic was also very low, and they needed a detailed SEO strategy to combat this issue and increase the organic traffic by 55%.

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SEO Health Score was at 32

The main challenge here was getting the health score better and fixing all the errors that led to this low score.

URLs with errors stood at 192

The errors in the URL can hamper your overall SEO health score and needs to be rectified immediately. We found 192 URLs with errors which was a challenge.

Low Organic Traffic

One of the major challenges with bitsCrunch was that they had low organic traffic and stood at 2198 before Blockwiz took charge.



Search Engine Optimisation


Integrate your search efforts and bring better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.

SEO for crypto has been around since the beginning of the cryptocurrency market. Still, recent developments in the industry have begun to draw attention to the relevance of crypto SEO as a crucial marketing tool.

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“Checking your website SEO health score is an ongoing process; however, with Blockwiz, we give you remedies to fix it.”

Top Funnel

Comprehensive Keyword Research

We did comprehensive keyword research and selected at least 30 keywords to start working with. However, keyword research is an ongoing process, and it's performed every month to stay updated on the latest trends in the domain.

Rank Math SEO Pro Plugin

We introduced them to the best tools for generating SEO-friendly content. We advised them to invest in Rank Math SEO Pro Plugin, one of the first & the only SEO plugin that uses artificial intelligence to help create amazing draft content.

Meta Tags For Every Page

Meta Tags are crucial to how your website is doing in SERPs. The absence of these tags can result in low CTR for your website. Intending to rank the pages, we wrote meta tags for all the pages for bitsCrunch.

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Middle Funnel

Optimizing Existing Blogs

The existing blogs weren't SEO optimized, which affected the ranking for bitsCrunch. Optimizing the existing blogs will help grow the traffic for their website by 10%-50% MOM.

Trending Blog Topics

We needed to be updated on any changing trends in the domain. We focused on creating blogs on trending blog topics which will help them bring traction to their website.

Bottom Funnel

Off-Page SEO

With a quick backlinking analytical tool, we analyzed the competitor's URL and understood the overall quality and authority of the links that point to their site.

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“We were really happy with the SEO campaign performed by Blockwiz, as it helped us surpass and increase the organic traffic significantly. Thank you guys!”

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