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The next-generation crypto derivatives trading platform, C-Trade, requested a comprehensive plan to increase visibility for their brand by 40% and at least an 8% increase in rankings MOM.


Using the EAT principle as the foundation and the latest SEO trends, we achieved amazing results within 90 days.


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Introduction to the Project



C-Trade is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading platform established to revolutionize how crypto derivatives trading is done and offer its users the best online trading experience. 





The main USP of C-trade is using its expertise in trading, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make its platform the most user-friendly, trustworthy, and reliable trading platform in the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

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Our KPIs

Increase Brand Visibility by 40%

They were struggling with their brand visibility and set a benchmark of 40% to increase it with the help of a comprehensive strategy laid out for SEO.


Increase in rankings on Google by 8% MOM

They wanted a comprehensive plan on how we plan to get their content ranked on the first page on google. They set a touchstone of 8% MOM to increase their ranking on Google.


Build Credibility

They wanted to focus on building credibility for their brand and insisted on getting at least 3 of their blogs ranked on the first page of Google.


Nascent Project

When C-trade came to us, it was a nascent project that struggled for credibility in the crypto landscape. The biggest challenge here for us was to build authenticity for their brand. 


Competitors with a high DA score

The competitors for C-trade were already ranking on Google and had high domain authority on their pages. The biggest challenge was getting their competitors' traction and redirecting it to C-trade. 


Domain Authority stood at 8

In the absence of SEO-optimized content, the DA score for C-trade when they came to us stood at 8. Our challenge was to create a strategy that helped increase the DA score quickly. 

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Search Engine Optimization


Integrate your search efforts, bring better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.


Top Funnel

Defining the Target Audience

C-trade being a trading platform, we need to specify the target audience for the same and create a clear strategy for tapping into that audience.


Competitor's Analysis

We started with a comprehensive competitor analysis to understand what the leading names in the domain were doing and what steps they took to optimize their content and get ranked on Google.


SEO Audit

We did a thorough audit of the content pieces' current SEO to understand the shortcomings and what can be done to improve them.

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Middle Funnel

Comprehensive International SEO strategy

We formulated a detailed plan for policies, processes, and practices that C-Trade could use to target the audience and the countries they wanted to get traction from.

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Creating a Comprehensive Content Cluster

We devised a comprehensive content cluster which is divided into two categories, Pillar and Regular, and with a detailed keyword strategy that would streamline the content and rank the content on search engines. 


Long Tail Blog Titles 

Following google algorithms, we worked on 55 long-tail blog titles for them to choose from and which would best resonate with the target audience.

Bottom Funnel


Drafting the Content

After the SEO strategy was established, we started the execution process and kick-started the drafting of the blogs. The blogs were segregated into two categories: Pillar and Regular.

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The pillar blogs were in-depth blogs with more than 4000 words and served as a foundation for interlinking.


The regular blogs were the subsidiary of the pillar and were around 1000-1500 words, where we provided them with 15 blogs per month.


Optimized quality content with a proper content cluster largely contributed to the 700% surge in organic searches.



A comprehensive approach was taken to interlinking, making it easier for the search engines to track C-trade and help them rank.


External Linking

To tackle the low DA score for C-trade, external linking was done with trustworthy sources with a domain authority of more than 85.

Goals Achieved

“Leveraging the technical expertise of Blockwiz, overall SEO of C-Trade improved dramatically. In a span of 3 months, we ensured thumping results, and it didn't end there. We were able to get C-Trade, 2 blogs ranked number 1 on Google & 4 blogs which are in the top 10 results on Google.”

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“We were really happy with the SEO strategies Blockwiz formulated for us, as a result of which some of our content pieces are ranking in the top 10 of search engines. We still use Blockwiz resources for our SEO needs and plan on continuing to do so for a long time. Thank you guys for all your efforts.”

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