Chain Up
75 Domain Authority in 90 days

Chain Up requested a data-driven marketing strategy for their blogs to increase their brand awareness by 45% and at least one #1 SERP ranking blogs.


With our in-house team experts and analytical tools we were able to surpass the set benchmarks by Chain Up in just 30 days after the blogs were published.

Introduction to the Project

Chain Up is one-stop shop for all your White-Label Exchange, Wallet Solutions, Liquidity Solutions & NFT trading platform solutions. It supports financial systems, risk control systems and centralized wallets.


It supports all mainstream coins and their tokens, provides supporting background audit and operation CMS system, as well as rapid and stable system deployment and delivery.

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The main USP of Chain Up is it supports customized and third-party K-lines, technical analysis and drawing tools, and supports strategy orders and API orders.


It also supports Fiat-to-Crypto and other various forms of transactions, and direct purchase of fiat currencies without minimum limit.

Our KPIs

Improve Brand awareness by 55%

Chain Up is catered to the B2B segment, because of which one of the main KPIs set by the client was to increase the brand awareness by 55%.

Improve SERP ranking

Since not any of the blogs were ranking on search engines, one of the other important KPIs set by the client was to work on the SERP rankings. They wanted at least one of the blogs to rank #1 SERP.

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Build Credibility

They were struggling to build credibility in the B2B segment. The client wanted us to work on the credibility of the project and help increase the same.

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Zero Website Traffic

One of the major challenges we faced was that their website had 0 traffic. We had to work on a content plan to build on their website traffic from scratch.

Competitors with High DA

Since, Chain Up hardly had any website traffic, the competitors were already ranking in the SERPs. One of the major challenges we faced was to come up with a content strategy that would outrank them.




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Top Funnel

Content Research on Blockchain Technology Solutions

The first step for us was to do comprehensive research on the top blockchain technology solutions. The research helped us determine what the competitors were doing and how the content was helping them rank on SERPs.

Content Strategy with Topic Briefs

Once the research was done, we curated a content strategy with topic briefs which would outline the subject matter that would be discussed in the blog and then was sent to the client for approval.

Middle Funnel

Keyword Research

We had to do some primarily keyword research to find the most trending keywords in the domain, which would help the blogs rank. After the research it was then segregated into primary and secondary.

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Drafting the blogs

Once all the keyword research was done, we started drafting the blogs as per clients requirement. The blogs ranged anywhere from 1200-3500 depending upon the subject matter being discussed.

We provided the client with 3 weekly blogs on the blog topics approved and vetted by them.

Bottom Funnel

On- Page Optimization

We had to optimize the content with all the trending keywords in the blog content. All the H1, H2, H3, H4 are also optimized for better results on SERPs.

External Linking

To help with the domain authority of the blogs, we had to link the blogs with external informational websites with the domain authority of more than 95%. 

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“We were really happy with the results. With one of blogs ranking #1 on SERPs our credibility has increased tenth-fold. We want to thank Blockwiz & team for all the effort you put in!”

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