Legacy Suite
Tailor-made plan to sky-rocket your NFT launch

Introduction to the Project

Legacy suite is the platform which provides the security towards digital assets including your crypto and NFT assets.


help you organize, create, and share essential information to preserve your digital life Giving cloud storage and creating a will option for one's digital assets. Operating on the subscription model and having 3 subscriptions on to which they are providing services.





Providing an option to create your own Digital NFT and Crypto will and one's assets will be transferred to who he has delegated in any mishap.

Problem Statement

  • Need for a proper launch plan as the product had foot in both Web2 and Web3


  • Creating proper distinguishment between their Web2 and Web3 business


  • How to amass user base for the product in an organic way


  • How to integrate NFTs in their product


  • How to leverage KOLs and PR
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Our Approach

Plan included 2 phases:


Phase 1

To highlighting the problem and introducing the legacy suite as the solution with KOL and PR integration: 

This will make people realize the need to the platform.

Approach 1.webp
Approach 2.webp

Phase 2 PART A

To establish the credibility for the product and smart contract and get the trust of the people :


We suggested that in order to get people to trust the smart contract with their assets, we need to establish trust in the same (smart contract) and the team.

Plan for the same:

  • Get Smart contract audited by third-party smart contract auditors such as CerTik.


  • Run a bug bounty for the community to find bugs.


  • Use DevRels and Developer-centric KOLs to spread the word.


To establish credibility for the team:

Having a face for the project. (doxxed team) Video Explainers regarding the product by the LS team Linkedin C-suite marketing for the founders.

Phase 2 PART B

To introduce NFTs as a medium to get "full access" to the LS ecosystem.

Plan for the same:

Open registrations for the NFT raffle at the peak of marketing for the product. Not to market the collection as a PFP collection. But to introduce it as an access pass. All NFTs are the same. 

Not differentiated on the basis of traits. Keep the supply at the lower end, as per market conditions. Use pre-mint as a platform for the raffle registration. As it helps eliminate bots, gives us genuine and interested users only.

Strictly guided them Not to build projects around the NFT integration but rather highlight the product only and have a subtle NFT integration. Validated our approach by doing an in-depth case study of their competitor, whose product tanked because they marketed it more on the lines of NFTs. 

Devised a holistic KOL & PR plan having KOLs across all niches, as everyone deals with wallet, which is the essence of Web3.

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