395K Reach in 9 Days

Nugen requested a strategic approach for their token launch and building an ecosystem for their project. NUGEN requested a minimum engagement of 5% and a minimum of 5K following on both Twitter and Instagram.


With Blockwiz analytical tools and data-driven techniques, we achieved the benchmark Nugen set in just 9 days.

Introduction to the Project



The blockchain-based project, Nugen, is here to get people worldwide to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives. They are here to fill the gap between businesses and customers in an easy, affordable, and environmentally sustainable manner.




The main USP of NUGEN is that it is strengthened by its utility coin called NUGEN. The utility coin is a BEP-20 standard token built on the robust Binance Smart Chain network.


With the help of the Binance Smart Chain network, the NUGEN platform offers:


  • Higher throughput rate
  • Ultra-fast transactions
  • Lower gas fees

Our KPIs

Increase Brand Awareness by 55%

One of the major KPIs NUGEN set for us was to increase brand awareness by at least 55% for a successful token launch.

Increase Engagement Rate by 5%

They wanted to focus on bringing in the right traction for their ecosystem and set a benchmark of at least 5% ER on both Twitter & Instagram platforms.


A Minimum Reach of 5K on Twitter & Instagram

To ensure ample people know about the NUGEN token launch, they set a KPI of a minimum 5K reach on both Twitter and Instagram.



90% Bot Following

The Twitter following of NUGEN was filled with BOTs, a major challenge. We had to develop a social media strategy fast to build a loyal following from scratch.

Loss of 25% Twitter following

One of the major challenges faced was building credibility for their brand, as their Twitter was filled with spammy posts. The quality of posts also led to a loss of 25% following.

Timeline of 9 Days

Another significant challenge we faced was a strict timeline of 9 days. We had to develop a strategic marketing approach to create awareness for their brand and build on their credibility for a successful token launch.


Social Media Marketing


You can reach where your users are most active with engaging content on Twitter, Facebook, Quora & LinkedIn. When it comes to cryptocurrency projects, creating social media posts focuses on several significant factors, the most crucial of which is showcasing active participation.

Approach 1.webp

Our Approach


“Building a blockchain ecosystem is a long process; however, setting up the foundation for the same was a no-brainer with the help of Blockwiz.”

Top Funnel

Optimizing NUGEN Twitter Handle

One of the first things we did for the NUGEN Twitter platform was to optimize it. We updated the profile picture and new banner to revamp the brand's image. We also added a Linktree in the bio to add a personalized page that houses everything important we wanted the audience to see.

Deleting Spammy Posts

We needed to build credibility for NUGEN from scratch. We had to go ahead and delete all the spammy posts already posted on their Twitter platform created by their internal team.

Top funnel.webp

Creating Posts for NUGEN Token Launch

To ensure hype surrounding their Token Launch, we created multiple posts to build awareness. With only 9 days for campaigning, we needed the posts to target the right audience.

Middle funnel.webp

Middle Funnel

Focus on Organic Views

We heavily focused on gaining organic views for the listing through our stories; we also navigated around the non-clickable link issue on Instagram by using polls & stickers in our stories. We included shortened links to the trading page on Lbank.

Aggressive Inbound ORM

We had to focus on Aggressive Inbound ORM and review all the posts to find the BOT comments. The credibility of the NUGEN might be harmed by seeing bot comments on the posts, so we had to delete every bot comment we found.

Pinned Creatives

The pinned tweets are the first thing people see when they visit the Twitter page. We pinned three relevant creatives to the handle, and all of them got 100+ likes on average.

Bottom Funnel


Cross-Platform Sharing


We needed maximum reach in a matter of 9 days. We had to ensure posting every story and post on Instagram and Facebook to increase visibility.

Bottom funnel.webp

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“We were really happy to see the campaign results and amazed to see how Blockwiz managed to get the results in a matter of 9 days. With all your efforts to build credibility and increase visibility, we managed to have a successful token launch.”

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