Launching NFTs with Bear-Market-Proof Strategies

Oceef came to us to help them launch their Non-Profit NFT with a strategic approach to survive the hawkish market.


With Blockwiz Consulting Services' hands-on approach, we guided them and provided them with a detailed plan to help them raise funds quickly.

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Introduction to the Project



The Ocean Conservation Exploration  and Education Foundation (OCEEF) is here to use technology to transform minds, change hearts and  raise awareness about ocean conservation and how we can contribute to doing our bit.


OCEEF believes that our ocean, rich with wonders yet to be discovered, is critical to our future. The foundation is working towards the mission to save oceans and the planet.




The main USP of OCEEF is bringing a mission to conserve  ocean experience with their NFTs in web3 space, which is a first of its kind.


OCEEF NFTs offer a unique experience for the user to understand & explore the majestic ocean & what it beholds beneath by offering holders an exclusive vessel onboard  ocean tour.


The revenue will also help in ocean conservation & securing  the nature legacy, which makes it more inviting for all NFT enthusiasts.

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Problem Statement

They approached us to build a plan for their NFT launch, divided into three series: Class A, B and C.

  • Funds from the NFT launch are set to be donated towards the research study and conservation  practices for the ocean.
  • The team internally decided on the NFT supply & minting prices per cost to experience & the target audience varied from buyers holding a purchase capacity between 5 - 100 ETH depending on the class of NFTs & experience offered.
  • They had supply and price numbers but were not getting a clue how to create a plan to start the execution and make their sellout.
  • They wanted suggestions on the timeline, prices,  supply, selection of auctions for NFTs and all of this for both the bear and bull markets.

Our KPIs

Non-profit NFT Fundraising Checklist

We needed to come up with a detailed checklist for the NFT Fundraising. The checklist included the following:


  • Prepare to accept cryptocurrency donations 
  • Find the suitable cryptocurrency donation solution provider 
  • Set up your social media presence
  • Connect with the NFT community 
  • Identify NFT partners 
  • Pick your target audience 
  • Establish a fundraising roadmap 
  • Choose a platform or marketplace
  • Prepare your communications 
  • Engage and stay connected
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Class D Donation Drive


The main objective to begin with the campaign before NFT drops is to:


  • Create brand awareness.
  • A constant ow of funds in this bear market.
  • Create a user base.
  • Collect data to target potential users for NFT drops.
  • Not to entirely rely on crypto payments.
  • It gives us substantial time to partner up for our NFT drops.
  • It helps us build our social presence.

Class A, B & C Minting Strategy

We needed to create a detailed approach for the minting strategy for Class A, B & C NFT drop. The minting strategy for every class differed from the rest and segregated between bear and bull markets.



No clear path to raising funds for the project

OCEEF struggled with a clear and direct fundraising strategy for their project. They required expert opinion regarding an obvious strategy to help them secure funding for their mission.

Unclear about prices and supply for NFTs

With OCEEF launching their NFTs in the Web3 space, there was much confusion regarding prices and supply for their NFTs.


They needed crypto consultants to come in and do a detailed analysis based on market trends and study, which would help them to put the right strategy forward for their NFTs prices and supply.


Unable to forecast a timeline for the launch of NFTs

Current market trends are pivotal in launching a new NFT into the mix. The hawkish market needs a bear and bull market strategy for optimum realization from the launch.

They wanted crypto experts to provide them with a detailed strategic timeline to launch their NFTs, which would serve the mission best.


Unclear about partnerships and KOL

The crypto landscape is a very tight-knit community, and you need to partner with the right KOLs to reach the right target audience.

Failing to do so might be the downfall of your NFT project. OCEEF required a straightforward strategic approach to partnering with the right KOLs.


Press Release

Get the correct traction for your NFT drop by showcasing it on suitable PR media houses. We use data-driven techniques to filter out the suitable media houses which would give you the maximum exposure and the right target audience. You can easily use the user base of the media house to target the NFT enthusiasts for your project.




Top Funnel


Identifying Target Audience

The first step before creating the press releases is knowing what the target audience of the NFT project looks like. The target audience could be new crypto enthusiasts or could be experts in the crypto landscape. The content tone needs to resonate with the reader's expectations for the same. Sometimes, new NFT projects struggle to find the audience for their project.


If you have no established audience yet, we build on the content to find the right audience for you and keep elevating it to find more traction.

Finding The Right Media House

The next step is finding the right media house for your project, which brings you maximum views with optimal Cost Per View. There are a lot of media houses when it comes to releasing your Press Releases. However, proper analysis needs to be done on which PR Media House would work the best for your brand.


Middle Funnel

Established User Base of Media Houses

These PR media houses already have an established following of core crypto enthusiasts who follow new and upcoming trends in the landscape. So, if you plan on dropping your NFT soon, getting exposure on these platforms will help you bring the right audience to your project with minimal effect. You can easily use the user base of media houses to bring in the audience for your upcoming project.


A Target Set For Page Views

Once you have selected the PR house for your project, the next step is to set a quantifiable target that you are looking for. It will help to create a plan for achieving the KPIs and how the content needs to be drafted accordingly to reach the target. For instance, OCEEF requested a minimum of 35K page visitors for their press releases.

Bottom Funnel

Cross Platform Sharing

Once the press release is published on the platform, the media houses use cross-platform sharing to increase your project's traction and exposure. For instance, if your PR is published on BITCOIN.COM, they will share the same PR on their Twitter and Facebook platforms to ensure your PR gets the maximum reach it can generate.


Maximum Page Visits

Using the right strategies for publishing PR and associating with the right PR house for your project will bring you maximum exposure and get you the right and excited audience. OCEEF managed to find the right audience for their NFT drop and registered 43k Page Visits from the press releases and cross-platform sharing.

Client Testimonial

“We appreciate Blockwiz coming in and setting the whole execution strategy for our NFT drop. We were impressed with the promptness and the type of insights they brought for a successful NFT launch. We hope to continue working together and creating magic for a sustainable future.”

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