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  • Vauld
  • 1 September, 2021
  • Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, Community Management, PR & Sponsored Articles


Headquartered in Singapore, Vauld is a crypto bank that caters to provide various banking solutions for crypto. Once they entered the market as a new player, they were on a mission to establish themselves and penetrate the market in an organic approach. They required the right approach from scratch as their Target Audience included high-volume investors.

Vauld wanted to achieve the best brand visibility by engaging with relevant influencers across platforms. Additionally, after the crypto ban in India, they had to align their market to a global one. 

Vauld partnered with Blockwiz to leverage its data-driven, multi-channel marketing services.



Blockwiz performed extensive research and identified major KPIs for Vauld. Shubham, one of our growth experts, identified the major gaps. He carried out an in-depth audit of Vauld’s website. He figured that the website’s Domain Authority (DA) was just 1, and it needed technical SEO optimization from scratch.

Blockwiz addressed all of the glaring issues, one by one, beginning with an SEO audit. Our team propelled Vauld with a customized and flexible marketing plan keeping their business objectives in mind, ranging from influencer marketing, content creation & dissemination, PR & sponsored articles, and community management.



300x Growth in the Organic Traffic

Group 46 1


100k+ Impressions Across Social Media Channels

Group 47 2

Increase In Average Crypto Deposit Value

4 1

Live AMA with CryptoIndia – Top YouTube Influencer

3 1 1

Blockwiz identified Vauld’s average cryptocurrency deposit made by each user on its platform as one of its success KPIs. Therefore, we ran a PR campaign for them with some of the world’s top cryptocurrency outlets, including Bitcoin.com, which helped them attract global attention.

We ran an AMA campaign with one of the biggest crypto influencers who have more than 160k subscribers on YouTube. Vauld’s CEO used this platform to tell the world about the company’s products and the benefits they bring.



Using a multi-channel marketing plan, Blockwiz scaled Vauld, resulting in 300x organic traffic, 100k+ social media impressions, and positioning the brand to a global position. 

Blockwiz provides the guidance and support you need to scale your crypto brand. If you are interested in increasing the awareness about your crypto brand with a flexible, data-driven, and customized marketing package, just get in touch with us.