2800% increase in Web Traffic in 90 days

Vauld wanted to streamline the process of reaching potential investors and set a benchmark for organic reach at least by 50% and increase the brand visibility by 45%.


With the help of analytical tools and in-house SEO experts at our disposal, we were able to surpass the benchmarks within 90 days.

Introduction to the Project



Vauld is here to bring banking into the cryptocurrency landscape. They treat crypto as a separate asset class. The services provided by them ensure technologies based on blockchain are usable today.


With Vauld's revolutionary idea of integrating cryptocurrency with banking, it would negate the need for government acceptance and nationwide adoption of cryptocurrencies to disrupt the banking sector.

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The main USP of Vauld is they aim to bring the core elements of banking to every crypto user which are listed below:


  • Store of Value
  • Capital Growth
  • Easy Spending
  • Exchange

Our KPIs

Increase Organic Reach by 50%

Vauld were struggling to bring traction to their website. One of the key KPIs set by them was to increase the organic reach at least by 50%.

Improve the DA score by 25%

When Vauld came to us for SEO service, their domain authority stood at 1, which was one of the major reasons they were not able to reach the right target audience. They set a benchmark of the DA score they were hoping was at 25%.

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SEO Health Check Score at least 75

The SEO health check score was very low and stood at 17. The major reason behind this was they haven’t started Off-Page SEO, as a result there were a lot of errors which needed immediate attention.

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Nascent project with DA of 1


One of the biggest challenges with Vauld we faced was, it was a nascent project. Due to which, its competitors were already ranking on SERPs. We had to work on an SEO strategy that would help outrank Vauld competitors on SERPs.

Statutory Limitation

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the statutory limitation imposed by the Govt. in India in 2018. After the ban, we needed immediate action to take this trading platform to a global scale.


High Volume Investors

Being the new player in the industry, Vauld needed to establish their brand in the market fast. Since they were offering the users an alternative to banking on their platform, they were really looking for high volume investors.


Search Engine Optimization


Integrate your search efforts and bring better brand visibility and higher conversion rates.


It is hard for any single brand to maintain a consistent competitive advantage without following the most recent SEO trends. Cryptocurrency SEO is no different, especially in light of the fierce level of competition on the crypto market and the escalating limits imposed by major search engines on cryptocurrency advertising.

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Top Funnel

Target Audience

We needed to do a thorough research on who the target audience is. Knowing exactly who the target audience is, helps create good content and target the readership easily and convert them.


Competitor Analysis

Vauld competitors were ranking on SERPs, we needed to get a detailed overview about what kind of content is working for them and how we can outrank them easily.

Middle Funnel

Keyword Research

A comprehensive keyword research was done to identify the relevant and trending keywords in the domain. Keyword research is one of the first steps when it comes to optimizing your content.


SEO Audit 

Checking the current SEO score of the website is always necessary. It always helps you point in the right direction where all the errors are and what is needed to be done to correct them.

Bottom Funnel


PR & sponsored articles 

We wrote Press releases and many sponsored articles for Vauld and helped bring traction to their website and increase their organic surges by 3x.


Cross-Platform Sharing

To reach a wider audience, we shared the content across all platforms. Cross-platform sharing helped us to create a hype around the brand and bring the traction back to the website.

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“ Thank you team blockwiz for helping us to register 27.00.000 user sessions. We really appreciate all the time and effort you have put in getting these results.”

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