250K Reach in 45 days

XLA requested at least 12% ER on Telegram and a following of 10k members on Discord with a community-building marketing strategy to increase the reach and cater to the right audience for their project.


Using proprietary metrics like turnaround time, user engagement, and credibility to find the right Influencers, Blockwiz managed to achieve the goal in 45 days.

Introduction to the Project



XLA uses blockchain technology to create revenue-sharing intelligent contracts that help fund creators worldwide. The community comprises contractors, creators, influencers, thinkers, inventors, and many others committed to shaping the future of the Web3 economy.

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XLA is one of the first in the industry to realize a single entity cannot build a web3 community.


They welcome contractors, creators, influencers, thinkers, and inventors to come together and define, shape, and develop the new future of the Web3 economy.

Our KPIs


Brand Awareness on Discord & Telegram by 45%

We needed to build strong brand awareness in the Web3 community and acquire new users on both Telegram and Discord.


Increase Engagement by 35% on Telegram & Discord

Comprehensive plan was created  to increase community participation, ensure 100% user retention, and maintain user engagement for both Discord & Telegram.

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Strategic Promotional Campaigns

We needed to promote their NFT Airdrop. We created strategic promotional campaigns for their Discord and Telegram channel for the first round of "Founding Members" NFT drop.

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Low engagement rate 0.6%

One of the major challenges we faced in the campaign was the low engagement rate which stood at 0.6%. We needed strategic marketing solutions to drive up the engagement rate.


Nascent Project

We needed to build the community for XLA from the ground up for their community platforms ,i.e, Telegram & Discord. We needed to come up with strategies which would drive up the engagement and the following.

Follower count 0

The online follower count was also the same as others. The follower count when I took charge of SEO activities for XLA was 0.



Community Management


Working towards increasing user engagement and maintaining a loyal and responsive community.


Telegram & Discord


Building vibrant communities with 24x7 telegram and discord moderation.

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Our Approach


"Transforming the company, one business channel at a time."


Blockwiz adopted a custom approach to each business channel to maximize the growth and associated KPIs.

Top Funnel

Creating a Content Calendar For Discord and Telegram

We created a detailed content plan for both community channels for 30 days. The main objectives for the content was to drive up the engagement and members on the platform,The same content calendar was then sent to the client for approval.


NFT Promotional Content

Since, one of the objectives set by the client was NFT promotion, we curated promotional content for the NFT drop. This created a buzz around NFT drop and got members of the community excited about the drop.

Middle Funnel

KOLs Collaboration

A robust strategy meant it was possible to accelerate the promotion of the 3 phases of the XLA's NFT airdrop campaign. KOLs targeting the NFT niche were selected for this role, and the campaign was executed to utmost success.

AMA Sessions

Organizing AMAs and other promotional activities to create awareness for their newly released products Metamall and XLA Forum. Keeping the community engaged with polls and resolving their concerns within a given time frame.


Bottom Funnel

Creating Partnership

Robust performance is the foundation of this campaign. We planned and executed various community engagement activities like polls and giveaways to encourage maximum user interaction and ensure user retention.

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“Blockwiz has delivered quality content for our socials and community. They managed our community well and suggested and executed great community campaigns. Not only this, but Blockwiz could also help us with good KOL recommendations, which did reap good results.”

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