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Your Web3 innovations deserve to be seen by the world. Illuminate your visibility with paid marketing.

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Dynamic Web3 Ad Agency

A Web3 PPC Marketing agency is an ideal partner for your paid ads. Explore new ways to stay ahead of the digital revolution with our unique blend of Ad creation, targeting, and placements.
PPC Campaigns
More Conversions
Lesser Cost Per Click
Higher CTR

Discover a New Way to Advertise Online

We help your Web3 project flourish.

Brave Pay-Per-Click Ads

Are you tired of the same old PPC services that fail to deliver results? Blockwiz, Brave Ad PPC service utilizes cutting-edge Web3 technology to provide unmatched performance and ROI.

Web3 Brave pay per clicks marketing

Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

Whether you're looking to drive website traffic, increase leads and sales, or build brand awareness, our PPC Ads service can help you. We can help you achieve your advertising goals and drive real results for your business.

Web3 Google PPC marketing

Banner Ads

Transform your online presence with stunning, interactive banner ads that engage and captivate your audience. Our team of experts harnesses the power of cutting-edge advertising solutions for your brand to create more visibility.

web3 banner ads marketing

In-App Ads

We help you connect with your audience in a whole new way! With our powerful in-app advertising service, you can reach your target audience where they're already spending their time – on their favorite apps

Web3 inapp ads marketing

Twitter Ads

Stay aware of the Twitter noise. Make your announcements viral quickly with crypto and Web3 project ads on Twitter, helping you reach your target audience and get the exposure you need to succeed.

web3 Twitter ads marketing

Reddit Ads

Discover the power of Reddit Ads with Blockwiz PPC service – Our approach is focused on reaching passionate communities and driving real results for your business.

web3 Reddit ads marketing

Tik-Tok Ads

Our targeted Tiktok Ads service helps you reach engaged audiences and achieve your advertising goals. Drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, and boost sales with the power of the Blockwiz Tiktok Ad service.

Web3 Tiktok Ads

Snapchat Ads

Looking for a new and exciting way to reach your target audience? With Snapchat Ads, you can create unique and memorable experiences that capture the attention of your ideal customers.

web3 Snapchat ads services

Facebook Ads

Looking for a way to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and drive sales? With our Facebook Ads service, you can create personalized, targeted campaigns that capture the Web3 market attention to drive results.

web3 Facebook advertisement

Instagram Ads

Don't let your competition outshine you on Instagram! Our expert team can create stunning Instagram ad campaigns tailored to your marketing needs to grab your followers' attention and increase your reach. 

Web3 instagram paid ads marketing

Linkedin Ads

Blockwiz LinkedIn ad service strategy is designed to help businesses of all sizes reach their target audience and drive real results. We know how to make your brand stand out in a crowded LinkedIn platform to attract new customers to your business.

Web3 Linkedin ads marketing

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* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.
* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.

Why Choose Blockwiz

Step into the following digital marketing era with Blockwiz - the top-tier web3 paid marketing agency!


Blockwiz knows the ins and outs of the Web3 landscape. It's important to stay passionate & on top of our game about what we do. We ensure that your project receives maximum exposure and increased conversions.


Blockwiz boosts your campaigns' visibility by leveraging Brave and Google's full potential. Whether you're looking to drive more transactions, grow a loyal community, or expand your brand's reach. We have the perfect Advertising solution for you. 


Create a tailor-made Ad plan for your unique project and give you the boost you need to take your ecosystem to the moon. Please make the most of your social media advertising budget with our conversion-driven campaigns. Let us help you turn clicks into customers and drive your business forward.

Redefine Your Journey with our Paid Marketing Strategy

Paid marketing offers swift results regardless of the timing. All you need to do is hire an excellent Web3 PPC marketing agency. 


  • Start Strong and Stress-Free We have a fast and hassle-free onboarding process. You can book a meeting with us using the contact us button. We shall take you through our approach and provide a suitable service within your budget. 


  • Auditing and analysis Auditing helps us to have an in-depth understanding of the partnered project, niche, desired audience, and rivals. This knowledge enables us to formulate a fail-safe plan to expedite your PPC journey.


  • Creating Ad Copies We perform thorough keyword research and utilize the findings to craft compelling ad copies that feature strong calls to action and maximize click-throughs. Experts carefully assess and refine your current landing page to capture the brand's tone and highlight products/services impressively.


  • Launching Ad campaigns on various platforms After designing a tailored strategy, the focus is on creating customized campaigns for your business that boost your profitability and can be easily expanded.


  • Performance tracking and optimization We scrutinize your campaign's performance and make essential adjustments and enhancements to maximize results.


  • Providing accurate real-time reports Collating and analyzing relevant performance data regularly and providing customized reports to track your campaign's progress for achieving KPIs.


Desired CPL, Reduced CPC, Increased CTR.

Case Studies


Partnered project tested success with us

P_D Advisory1.png
Simon Fletcher
Aleksandr Agapitov
Karin Broennimann
Kieren Brumbly
We set a 40% increase in growth target at the end of the quarter. However, the strategic planning of Blockwiz helped us reach our target much earlier than expected. Looking forward to working with you guys again!
Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher

CBDO, Megaverse

World's Best NFT Consultants

NFT Consultants at Blockwiz put cutting edge resources and innovation to create the future.
Dev Sharma.jpg
Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO
Dev has proved his expertise by creating benchmarks in multiple niches across the globe.
Mohit Ahuja.jpg
Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer
Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.
Ahsaas Syed
Head of Growth
With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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