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Blockwiz is born with influencer and community management.
Blockwiz is born with influencer and community management.
The team of 15 handled 20 clients
The team of 15 handled 20 clients

The Blockchain Wizards,
Executing Crypto Marketing Right.

A glimpse into the ever prodigious realm of Blockwiz.

Meet The Team

We hire the Top 0.1%
Dev Sharma.jpg
Dev Sharma
CEO & Founder
Dev has proved his expertise by creating benchmarks in multiple niches across the globe.
Mohit Ahuja.jpg
Mohit Ahuja
Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.
Bhoomi Panchal.jpg
Bhoomi Panchal
Head of Operations
Bhoomi is the firepower that ensures massive businesses run super smoothly.
Ahsaas Syed
Head of Growth
With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.
Deepak Gaba
Head of Finance & Legal
Deepak has been driving the Finance and Legal teams to unparalleled journeys.
Nitin Gupta.jpg
Nitin Gupta
Head of Partnerships
Social. Friendly. Highly influential. Nitin knows the ins and outs of every blockchain community.
Aditi Singh
Head of Internal Marketing
Each brand needs a name, and Aditi is Blockwiz's. This marketing mage is a force to reckon with.
Vikramaditya Rathore
Head of Marketing
A media strategist with an eclectic background in graphic design, marketing, and web development.
Shariq Shaikh.jpg
Shariq Shaikh
Head of Social Media
Mr Social. Not just the look and feel, but the overall management of social channels is Shariq's forte.
Prateek Jain.jpg
Prateek Jain
Head of Creative design
Prateek as a creative creator knows one thing, and that is taking brands to another level visually.
Karan Malik.jpg
Karan Malik
Head of Strategy
Every project needs an expert, but Karan is a strategy creator, and an NFT project Co-founder.
Atulya Pampalil.jpg
Atulya Pampalil
Head of Human Resource
Funny, sweet, and extremely smart. Atulya is redefining Human Resources at Blockwiz.


Bringing Web 3.0 to the next billion with cutting-edge Digital Marketing 3.0 solutions
Deliver tailored marketing, advisory, and creative solutions for world’s most exciting blockchain and cryptocurrency brands

We Never Found a Crypto Marketing Agency We Could Trust, So We Built One.

  • Blockwiz was born in 2019 in Toronto, Canada by Dev Sharma.


  • Prior to founding the world’s largest crypto marketing solutions provider, he served in executive leadership roles at the world’s largest cryptocurrency organizations such as OKEx and Paxful (Central Asia Regional Head).


  • Simply put, the industry needed honest, data-driven digital marketing solutions. In 2019, we could never find the marketing team we wanted, so we built one – one crazy crypto nerd at a time.

Evolving into a Crypto Marketing Powerhouse

  • Team Blockwiz is now a 70 member squad of full time growth marketers, creative writers, designers, and strategists, who help unlock rapid growth for the world’s most iconic Cryptocurrency brands.


  • We’re trusted by 160+ clients including industry leaders like Kucoin, Bybit, OKEx, Delta, Vauld, CoinDCX; as well as exciting new Web 3.0 projects across NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, and Gaming.

More Digital Marketing, Less Price Lists

  • Our mission is to bring marketing to crypto.


  • The industry needs more data driven digital marketers, and lesser agents simply selling influencer price lists with insane margins.


  • This not only helps our clients do better, but also builds trust in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

2022 and Beyond

  • We love our clients, and are humbled by the support we get each year.


  • While we wish we could work with everyone, to ensure we maintain a high quality of service, we’re very selective with the projects we onboard.

Don’t Just Trust Us, Verify

Navin Ray
CEO, SugarBounce

“The IDO launch was a massive success thanks to the Blockwiz team. The delivery of work is amazing. Would like to appreciate Abhishek for being available at all times, Vikram on great content for social media, Ratul for video creation, and Utkarsha for the good quality articles.”

Navin Ray CEO, SugarBounce

Johnny Lyu
CEO, Kucoin

“Every meeting we had, they came in with a plan wherein they knew exactly what we wanted to do and we completely trusted them.”

Johnny Lyu CEO, Kucoin

Prashant Kale,
Co-founder, Fusible

“Our partnership with Blockwiz has yielded great results for us. Their team of digital marketers and growth experts have worked strategically to boost our marketing efforts, based on our business objectives. Their experience in the ecosystem brings in innovative ideas and we hope to continue working with Blockwiz for better and bigger campaigns in the future.”

Prashant Kale, Co-founder, Fusible

Full Value Dan,

“I had a lot of questions about the project and Blockwiz was able to get me those answers quickly. I think having a live interview about the platform and getting an explanation from the source would have been helpful and is something to consider offering in the future. Overall a good experience.”

Full Value Dan, Influencer

Melissa Khan
Content Strategist, Coinsquare

“Blockwiz has extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. With their support, Coinsquare is able to educate its customers and a wider audience about the ever-changing crypto environment and remain ahead as thought leaders in the business. Thanks to Blockwiz's switched-on content team for your meticulous research, willingness to work on different time zones, and excellent understanding of feedback.”

Melissa Khan Content Strategist, Coinsquare

Trading Copter,

“So far, we've been very impressed and happy with the work and effort. There has been a lot of good details, follow up and content. I'm looking forward to the metrics in the next few months that can help us see good progress.”

Trading Copter, Influencer

Joshua Vizer
CEO, GameStar Exchange

“We approached them because we wanted to create awareness using Influencer marketing and they really did a fine job that gave us the confidence to diversify into SEO and community management.”

Joshua Vizer CEO, GameStar Exchange

Tech Ranjan,

“A good relationship requires trust, respect and open communication.I think we had that relation.I feel very happy while working with Blockwiz.”

Tech Ranjan, Influencer

Vikram Subburaj
CEO, Giottus

“There are 3 things that impressed us about Blockwiz’s team – Their knowledge of our industry and digital marketing experience, their nimbleness in adapting to changing requirements, and their proactive approach to help engage our customer base. We strongly recommend Blockwiz for all your marketing and content needs ★★★★★”

Vikram Subburaj CEO, Giottus

Bitcoin Bro,

“It’s been a pleasure working with your team, definitely the most professional team I’ve dealt with.”

Bitcoin Bro, Influencer

Ingrid Sia
Digital Marketing Manager, Bybit

“Very impressed with Blockwiz's level of professionalism! They update us on any collaborations & campaigns, share useful content suggestions and work well with our existing ambassador.”

Ingrid Sia Digital Marketing Manager, Bybit

Ciervo Crypto King,

“We're happy to partner with Blockwiz, leading Cryptocurrency Marketing Solutions Provider. We've already been working together for a few months, in which their team has proven a level of professionalism and specialization completely unique to the crypto space.”

Ciervo Crypto King, Influencer

James Anderson
CEO, RioDefi

“Blockwiz ran a great campaign for us on Telegram. It was a big success.”

James Anderson CEO, RioDefi

Lily Zhang
CFO, Huobi

“We wanted to get 500 signups but were having trouble contacting influencers and getting videos. Blockwiz helped us get 650 signups and got us 10 influencer videos in one month. Happy with their speed and campaign planning.”

Lily Zhang CFO, Huobi

Jun Du
Co-founder, AToken

“Overall impressed by Blockwiz and their work. I liked how they kept me updated every week with reports on all major KPIs.”

Jun Du Co-founder, AToken

Branding, Remitano

“Blockwiz has been our go-to marketing partner for a year now. They’ve helped us run hundreds of PR campaigns and crypto influencer videos in multiple countries based on our target markets. What impresses us about them is that they also share results and improvement areas for the campaign which helps us analyze performance.”

Sandy Branding, Remitano

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