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Twitter Influencer Marketing

With the right Twitter Influencers, you engage a loyal community that in-turn help increase brand sales. They are a right balance  of Micro and  macro influencers, selected strategically to meet your project goals.

Tiktok lnfluencer Marketing

Tik Tok content is entirely algorithm-driven and is largely about how innovative your strategy is. We design campaigns that not only align with your project’s goals but also reach a wider audience to increase visibility of your web3 project.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

With the right strategy and a well researched SEO plan, YouTube Infleuncers can help you reach a niche audience that highly resonates with your project, ultimately building a community and bringing a large ROI.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Did you know IG influencers brings 10 -15% more traffic directly to your project website? With right IG influencers you can build a real time engagement & value for your project. On IG you can build brand awareness, increase conversions & engage an organic community.

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How Blockwiz was Born

“The desperate need for strategic marketing in the web3 space is what led to the birth of Blockwiz. Now after more than 3 years, we’re one of the leading web3 marketing solutions providers.”

Dave, CEO Blockwiz

Our Case Studies

Fashion League

Fashion League

Tron Case study






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A Web3 Influencer Marketing Company with a winning strategy

Define Primary Objectives

We strategically formulate result-oriented campaigns to fulfill your marketing goals within a set time frame.

Go-to-Market Plan

Blockwiz Web3.0 marketing experts create the perfect mix of organic and paid Web3 marketing services based on your business objectives.

A growth marketing team that fell in love with Web3

A world-class team of data-driven digital marketers who fell in love with Web3. Our department heads are ex-entrepreneurs with million dollar exists that know how to scale projects from 0 to 1.


Our clients love working with us

Blockwiz managed and grew our Discord to 20,000 daily messages. Their engagement activities helped maintain excitement post IDO and they also sent engagement reports. Highly recommend these guys!

Nigel Lee
Strategy Head, Immutable

“Blockwiz did offer just what we ordered! Very happy with the rankings. Our conversion rate spiked 35% within 3 months. We work with only Blockwiz for our content optimization.”

Yolo Zhang
Overseas Marketing Director, Chainup

Legacy Suite CEO on Blockwiz

“Exceptional service, through and through.”

– Sean Foote, CEO Legacy Suite

Work with the largest & the best Web3 marketing team on the planet!


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Successful Projects


Bear Markets



FUDless Influencer Marketing Campaigns at Zero Margin

  • We are experts at making crypto brands go viral.
  • Blockwiz has assisted 550+ amplification campaigns with the top crypto KOLs in the world across various media.
  • We offer authentic and data-driven influencer marketing campaigns and an integrated performance report dashboard shared with clients periodically.
  • Our core marketing secret is to create result-driven campaigns that construct real impacts within the minimum possible time. 
  • We cover influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and all other relevant social platforms.
  • Customer-centric twitter influencer campaigns can generate huge engagement and brand recognition for your web3 project. 
  • Tweets of popular topics related to your project with the well-researched hashtag strategy aid in garnering increased engagement.
  • We delivered millions of page views and engagements for projects through influencers for our client projects.

Our Influencer Campaign Execution

  • Client Project Analysis: Our experts address all the influencer marketing requirements of the client. Before developing the strategy, we analyze data and metrics related to the project, such as project budget, timeline, and deliverables and identify opportunities to optimize processes and deliver better results.
  • Defining the Strategy: We have a plethora of different influencer marketing strategies. Our influence experts develop a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy considering the KPIs of the client. Our deadlines and results are strict.
  • Connecting with Influencers: We connect the brand with top influencers. Influencers are dealt with by us on behalf of the brand, and the client is able to communicate directly with the influencers and understand the process.
  • Execution and Results: You get a simplified dashboard with real-time data on the influencers’ performance on different platforms with our fully managed influencer partnership service. Our data-driven influencer marketing approach can drive the best results for your brand.

3 Funnel System We Use For All Web3 Projects

Top Funnel (TOFU)
Top Funnel (TOFU)

We emphasize brand recognition and communicate specifically about how the product addresses an issue in order to connect with consumers on a personal level.

Middle Funnel (MOFU)

Users are encouraged to inquire about products, and we target the top 50% of consumers in TOF for brand recall in order to separate prospects from potential users.

Bottom Funnel (BOFU)
Bottom Funnel (BOFU)

We tie up any loose ends in MOFU and give prospects strong brand recall in exchange for their confidence, helping them become genuine users.


“Creating a buzz and excitement over fake hype & shilling, documenting a moderate growth with real numbers over hyper-inflated growth with bots and building a community which incubates a brand is our way to success in Web 3.0.”

– Mohit Ahuja, Chief Solutions Officer at Blockwiz

Our Web3 Marketing Approach

The awareness phase is where we help brands share their story, mission, and vision with audiences in order to build a connection by:

  • Building excitement for the upcoming launch by sharing teasers and sneak peeks of your Web3 product.
  • Write about the brand’s mission and vision and share how the holders will be an essential part of it.
  • Share the unique selling proposition — what makes your project and community stand out?

Tales of Successful Influencer Campaigns

  • Successfully executed 550+ campaigns across Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Facebook & Instagram, We have achieved the most effective viral web3 campaigns. 
  • Blockwiz is tied with the most genuine and authentic influencers worldwide for web3 projects. The brand has a proven track record of creating and executing viral influencer campaigns across different social media platforms for web3 initiatives.
  • The trustworthy and bonafide crypto influencers who promote your brand through well-curated content can create a huge impact on the web3 community for your project. We have been executing that since Web3 started evolving in the market.
  • Blockwiz travels ahead of the curve by ensuring that no fake followers are associated with our influencer networks. We work only with top-rated influencers globally.

Result-Oriented Web3 Influencer Marketing Company

  • With our data-driven approach towards web3 marketing, Caldance was able to sell 95% of their NFT vouchers in 90 days.

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  • We attracted more than 250K views for XLA in just 30 days with our comprehensive web3 marketing strategies.

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Our Web3 Marketing Experts, At Your Service

Our talented team designs fantastic web3 products and actively markets them. We expand your user base and interact with the global web3 community.

Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO


Dev has proved his expertise by creating benchmarks in multiple niches across the globe.

Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer

Mohit Ahuja

Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.

Ahsaas Syed
Head Of Growth

Ahsaas Syed

With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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