600K Reach in 30 days of campaigning- ByBit

Bybit requested a practical strategic approach for KOLs and PR campaigns for their oncoming WSOT-2022 competition with a minimum threshold of 50K views on the KOLs videos and a CTR of 5%.

Using analytical tools and data-mapping of KOL activities, Blockwiz surpassed the requested KPIs within 30 days of campaigning.

Introdution to the Project

Bybit is here to change the crypto trading landscape and provide a platform for all crypto enthusiasts to come and fuel their dreams through crypto trading.
Established in 2018, Bybit now has more than 6 million crypto traders on its platform, using intelligent trading systems and 99.99% System Functionality to their advantage.


The main USP of Bybit is the downright mix of next-level Trading, Earning and Learning of cryptocurrency backed by a 100K TPS Matching Engine, State-of-the-Art Pricing System, and a Powerful API.
Bybit is a proud partner of Formula One Racing team, Oracle Red Bull Racing, Esports teams NAVI, Astralis, Alliance, and association football (soccer) teams Borussia Dortmund and Avispa Fukuoka.

Our KPIs- ByBit

1. KOLs Campaigns for WSOT-2022 Competition

The main goal was to use KOLs and PR campaigns to spread the word about the World Series of Trading 2022 Competition, where users could get a chance to earn a prize pool of upto 8 million USDT.

2. Build Hype for the Competition in Just 30 Days

We had only 30 days for the execution of the campaign before the competition started. The goal was to develop quick strategic influencer marketing techniques to reach the targeted audience and build on the hype for the competition.

3. A Minimum of 50K Participants

Their main objective was to share an announcement about the competition and spread awareness around the rewards involved among the community. Also, to induce traders to take part & sign up for the competition through influencers with the most active community and register a minimum of 50k participants.


1. KOLs Participation in WSOT Competition

The biggest challenge was to convince the KOLs to be the squad leader since they had to register, play the game themselves, put in an amount of $500 & get their referral link & sign up for an affiliate program.

2. Revision of Competition Timeline

Looking at the campaign’s success, Bybit decided to extend the competition, and we had to get the edits done by the KOLs within a short time to push out the right content with the updated information.


1. Influencer Marketing

We use proprietary metrics like turnaround time (TAT), credibility, reach and engagement, and the current and potential reach of KOLs to find the right fit for WSOT competition promotion for Bybit.

Our Approach 

“Not every influencer will be willing to work on your campaigns; find your fit for an influencer with the help of Blockwiz today!”

1. Finding the most active members for WSOT

We needed a quick approach to find a lot of active communities who would be interested in the World Series of Trading Competition. Discovering the right target audience for the campaign was of the essence to kick-start the influencer marketing strategy.

2. Multi-Channel KOL Activity

We suggested the client run a mix of Telegram & YouTube campaigns to spread the word among the most active lot of the community.

3. Recommending KOLs for Different Platforms

To maximize the reach of the campaigns, KOLs for two different platforms were shortlisted and recommended for Bybit to choose from:

  • For Telegram, we recommended posting announcements in trading-focused groups with a good amount of active members; hence we ran the campaign with 15 TG groups.
On the other hand, for YouTube, we proposed Premium KOLs to the client to help them meet their campaign objective and spread the word about the WSOT.

4. Sign Up KOLs for Bybit Affiliate Program

  • As a part of the strategy, we made our youtube KOL partners sign up for Bybit’s affiliate program and convinced them to sign up for WSOT, play the game & be the squad leader.

5. Selected YouTube KOLs

Bybit selected two KOLs for their WSOT campaigning on YouTube:
  • Crypto Club: This video fetched the highest number of views which is 75,253. The impressions of his video were 250K. The video showed an excellent CTR of 16.4%, which is quite ordinary for Youtube KOLs.
  • Jason Pizzino: This video registered 67,337 views in total, CTR for Jason Pizzino’s video is 7.7%. He is also a Bybit affiliate now. The average CPV for the entire campaign is 0.189.

Goals Achieved 

“The goal of running a successful campaign to promote WSOT 2022 was a success as it registered 69,082 Participants from 182 Countries, $400,000 UNICEF Donation (in BTC). 462 Squad Race Teams and 57,158 Squad Race Participants.”

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“We were really happy with the professionalism and the quick response and strategic approach taken by Blockwiz experts at every step of the way. Even with the change in plans we were able to make this campaign a success. We are looking forward to working with you guys on WSOT 2023 and breaking this record.”