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Our Web3 experts helps write blogs/Articles which is specially designed to spread awareness & drive traffic, boost revenue, offer value. Lastly, our highly optimized SEO content is guaranteed to rank higher on search engines.

Press Releases

Our expert writers produce journalistic press releases for better publicity via prominent media houses. With our PR campaigns, you can gain massive boosts in SEO rankings, organic leads, & better conversion rates.


Converting potential leads is our forte and we chase every opportunity relentlessly. With our newsletters, you are sure to gain a 10X sales boost in no time.

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How Blockwiz was Born?

“The desperate need for strategic marketing in the web3 space is what led to the birth of Blockwiz. Now after more than 3 years, we’re one of the leading web3 marketing solutions providers.”

Dave, CEO Blockwiz

Our Case Studies

Fashion League

Fashion League

Tron Case study






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Define Primary Objects

We outline content objectives for web3 projects based on their requirements, while focusing on leads, conversions, and ROI.

Establish Content Strategy

Our growth-driven approach ensures successful strategies that help your content rank higher for all relevant keywords.

A growth marketing team that fell in love with Web3

A world-class team of data-driven digital marketers who fell in love with Web3. Our department heads are ex-entrepreneurs with million dollar exists that know how to scale projects from 0 to 1.


Our clients love working with us

Blockwiz managed and grew our Discord to 20,000 daily messages. Their engagement activities helped maintain excitement post IDO and they also sent engagement reports. Highly recommend these guys!

Nigel Lee
Strategy Head, Immutable

“Blockwiz did offer just what we ordered! Very happy with the rankings. Our conversion rate spiked 35% within 3 months. We work with only Blockwiz for our content optimization.”

Yolo Zhang
Overseas Marketing Director, Chainup

Legacy Suite CEO on Blockwiz

“Exceptional service, through and through.”

– Sean Foote, CEO Legacy Suite

Work with the largest & the best Web3 marketing team on the planet!


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What We Do As A Web3 Content Writing Company?

  • Regional emails, optimized blogs, and responses on Quora that motivate people to act.
  • Our content writers take care of the majority of communications issues that web3 brands face.
  • Moreover, well-targeted content marketing is one of the prominent strategies that is used most frequently in many sectors, and web3 is no exception.
  • It is not only about attracting your target audience, but also about spreading awareness and tackling FUD at the same time.
  • To support your marketing initiatives, our web3 content writing team assists you in creating, producing, and distributing high-quality written media.
  • Copywriters at Blockwiz are experts in particular fields and know how to use words effectively to increase website traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates for our clients.

3 Funnel System We Use For All Web3 Projects

Top Funnel (TOFU)
Top Funnel (TOFU)

In order to establish a personal connection with customers, we place a strong emphasis on brand identification and speak plainly about how the product or service solves a problem.

Middle Funnel (MOFU)

To distinguish prospects from potential users, we target the top 50% of TOFU customers for brand recall and encourage them to ask questions about goods.

Bottom Funnel (BOFU)
Bottom Funnel (BOFU)

Finally for prospects’ trust, we tie up the loose ends from MOFU and provide them a memorable brand experience, assisting them in becoming loyal customers.


“Creating a buzz and excitement over fake hype & shilling, documenting a moderate growth with real numbers over hyper-inflated growth with bots and building a community which incubates a brand is our way to success in Web 3.0.”

– Mohit Ahuja, Chief Solutions Officer at Blockwiz

Our Web3 Content Writing Approach

  • Create a comprehensive web3 content marketing plan around your company’s vision.
  • By creating informative and valuable content, we optimize all the relevant pages on your website for both visitors and search engines.
  • We ensure that content related to your products, services, and niche are published on your website, prominent media houses, and social media platforms on a regular basis.
  • We create and share emails that educate and enlighten your target audience about your goods and services, as well as the web3 space in general.
  • We write natural Quora responses to inform potential investors and consumers about the specialty of your company as off-page SEO.
  • To increase your company’s internet presence, we help generate educational videos and video articles.
  • We help bring more visitors to your website and keep them engaged by addressing their queries, understanding their requirements, and fulfilling their needs, eventually turning them into valuable leads.

Result-Oriented Web3 Content Writing Company

  • We helped XLA boost their website traffic with our innovative web3 content marketing strategy.

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  • Adaswap, another one of our clients, garnered 25K unique views via our flawless press release campaign in just 30 days.

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Our Web3 Marketing Experts, At Your Service

Our talented team designs fantastic web3 products and actively markets them. We expand your user base and interact with the global web3 community.

Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO


Dev has proved his expertise by creating benchmarks in multiple niches across the globe.

Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer

Mohit Ahuja

Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.

Ahsaas Syed
Head Of Growth

Ahsaas Syed

With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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