10K Organic Searches in 90 days- BitsCrunch

BitsCrunch requested a comprehensive content marketing strategy to increase their organic searches by at least 50% and also set a benchmark to reduce the bounce rate by at least 40%.
With the help of analytical tools and a team of crypto writers, we were able to achieve the set target by bitsCrunch in just 90 days of publishing the content.

Introdution to the Project

bitsCrunch is a blockchain analytics platform that offers a wide range of services to safeguard the NFT ecosystem. With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), bitsCrunch aims to be the knight and shining armor of the NFT ecosystem and safeguard all NFT investors, collectors, and enthusiasts from any market vulnerabilities.

Unravel XLA USPs:

bitsCrunch uses AI to its advantage to safeguard the NFT ecosystem from fake volatility, fraud, and theft.
With an NFT Portfolio Tracker Dashboard, expert AI watchdog, precise value estimator of the NFT assets, and an AI model trained to identify forged/manipulated NFTs, bitsCrunch stands out from the crowd.
Practical analytical tools and AI are the main USP for bitsCrunch to safeguard the NFT ecosystem.

Our KPIs

1. Increase user session by 65% using organic traffic

bitsCrunch was struggling to bring traction to their website. They set a benchmark to increase the user session by at least 65% using organic traffic.

2. Better Rankings on Google

None of the blogs published by bitsCrunch were ranking on google. They wanted to get better ranking for their blogs on SERPs. They set a target of 10 % increase in blog reads MOM.

3. Maintain a user retention rate of 25%

The user retention was 4% which was a major problem for bitsCrunch. They wanted us to maintain a user retention rate of at least 25%.


1. Competitors with DA score of more than 60

One of the major challenges we faced was extreme competition from bitsCrunch competitors. The competitors already had a DA score of 60 and their blogs were ranking on SERPs.

2. Low brand visibility

In the absence of an avid reader community, the brand visibility of bitsCrunch was also struggling. Building their brand visibility from scratch was one of the major challenges we faced.

3. Low DA of 11

The domain authority of bitsCrunch was very low and stood at 11 which was a major reason why their blogs were not ranking. We had to build a content strategy from scratch to combat the issue was a huge challenge.


Our Approach 

With tight time-constraints in place, onboarding KOLs and executing the campaign was a challenge, however, here at Blockwiz we love challenges

Top Funnel 

1. Target Audience Analysis
The first step we took was to do a comprehensive target audience analysis and find a community of avid readers for bitsCrunch and create a content strategy to bring the traction to their page. The target analysis was also important because the project caters to both B2B and B2C segments.
2. Competitors Analysis
Since the NFT analytical platforms have boomed in 2022, it was necessary to do a detailed competitors analysis to understand what the competitors were doing, what was working for them and what not. This was followed by analysis to understand trends and patterns in the NFT ecosystem.

Middle Funnel

1. Competitors Analysis
A comprehensive strategy deck was created which included trending topics and high volume keywords related to NFT fraud. The deck helped us outline the key topics we could use in the blogs. The strategy deck was then sent to the client for their approval.
2. Newsletter Development
In order to reach a wider audience, we created a newsletter which will help bring more readers to the website. Also, it was the perfect remedy to reach the right target audience as they subscribe to the newsletter only if they are interested.

Bottom Funnel

1. Drafting The Blogs
Once everything is approved and ready to go, we start drafting the content for the blogs which is segregated into two types:
  • Pillar blogs 
  • Regular blogs
2. Interlinking
After the blogs are ready, we start the interlinking process between pillar and regular blogs. The blogs are also linked with website pages which also helps the algorithm to give the blogs a better ranking on SERPs.

Goals Achieved 

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“Blockwiz delivered what was promised and we are so happy to be associated with your organization. Our organic surge has now reached 10K which is amazing. Thank you team Blockwiz.”