Over 12x increase in Token Price- AdaSwap

Adaswap requested a minimum of 15% ER on Telegram and 25k followers on Telegram & Twitter using metric-driven marketing strategy for their IDO Launch. 
Using growth tactics and data mapping to our advantage, Blockwiz achieved the goal within a month.

Introdution to the Projec

AdaSwap is a decentralized exchange that aims to help the Cardano ecosystem flourish and thrive. Their main goal is to develop tools for creators and users and bring high-yield staking pools and NFT content through our launchpads and marketplaces.

Unravel AdaSwap USPs:

The ultimate Cardano-Powered Exchange is backed by global leaders in the industry like Stardust, Finova Capital, Market Across, and many more.
Not to mention, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) endorsed the Adaswap project, which had an overwhelming response from the community members.
They have created a platform where you can trade, swap and bridge Cardano-based tokens at lightning speed.

Our KPIs

1. Community growth by at least 30% M-o-M ↑

In order to provide a seamless and successful IDO within 30 days, user acquisition is as important as user retention; thus, the objective was to grow the community in a limited time.

2. Aim to reduce the impact of FUD by at least 25% ↓ and boost the follower count

Comprehensive social media management by tackling the competitors’ FUDs led to the loss of 33% of monthly followers.


1. 90% BOT Followers on Discord

With almost 90% of artificial followers on their Discord channel, we had to start from scratch and build a loyal and responsive community on Discord.

2. Tackling FUD

Any case of FUD can be lethal for any upcoming project. Competitors spread FUD, resulting in a fall of 33% monthly followers.

3. Low Brand Credibility

Brand identity took a beating due to the loss of a partnership. One of their significant challenges was to increase brand credibility in the market.


1. Social media marketing

Our crypto social media marketing focuses on increasing brand awareness and visibility on social media platforms. The main goal is to adopt a different strategy to increase the engagement rate on different platforms.

2. Influencer Marketing

Use proprietary metrics like Turnaround time (TAT), credibility, reach and engagement, and the current and potential reach to find the right KOL to reach the right audience and engage with them and increase brand visibility.

3. Press Release

Introduce the project within the crypto industry with credibility, increase brand visibility, and help eliminate FUD.

Our Approach 

“Launching an IDO is always a challenge and a bigger undertaking if you only have 30 days to do it. Blockwiz loves challenges, and we proudly announce that we achieved a successful IDO within a strict timeline.”
Here is how we triumphed in the challenges using three funnels:

Top Funnel 

1. Pre-IDO hype:
For the Pre IDO-Hype, tweets about the IDO by premium KOL Ciervo King about the launch to inform the community of a fantastic platform. The hype attracted the right audience unaware of ADASWAP earlier, ultimately boosting user awareness and consideration.

Middle Funnel

1. Enhancing Visibility:
Intensive SEO efforts were taken to boost the client’s search engine rankings. People who were aware of DEX and Cardano and wanted to learn more about them used google as their primary source. Thus we focused on SEO to have a better ranking on google and lead to a boost in conversion by 5%.
2. Ad Copies:
Copies that ultimately convinced the readers to take action were created to create a buzz around the IDO. The community better understood the AdaSwap ecosystem and the upcoming IDO.

Bottom Funnel

1. AMAs and More:
Hosted a week-long series of AMAs to address the community’s concerns. Updating the community with a structured roadmap ensuring everyone is in sync about the developments. It helped us retain the existing users and helped gain their loyalty and advocacy.
2. Fast-tracked Twitter Verification:
Through substantial round-the-clock internal efforts and a proper communication channel, we received the Twitter verification for the client within 25 days and five days before the IDO. Some of the significant steps we took into consideration for verification were:
3. Extremely Engaged Community
We were very regular with tweets regarding updates, engaging posts, polls, quizzes, Etc., which boosted interaction and led to an active user base.
4. Optimizing Brand’s Profile
With our in-house social media expert’s guidance, we ensured our Twitter looked elegant and reflected our brand values.
5. Number of Posts
The number of tweets you have will play a pivotal role in your Twitter verification journey. For instance, a virgin account will take time to verify as it has fewer tweets, whereas the account with more posts will be verified quickly.
6. Collaboration with KOLs, Media Houses, and PR
Retweets or mentions from big Media Houses or PR agencies can help you fast-track your Twitter verification journey. So, we started collaborating with KOLs and Media Houses for Adaswap Twitter verification.
7. Regular Hygiene Check
We maintained weekly engagement data to understand what’s working for us and what’s not.

Goals Achieved 

“The goal of successful IDO launch was magnificently accomplished with positive PR and building the buzz around the Founder. Thus, the IDO was a significant success and established AdaSwap as one of the trustworthy names in the respective domain and validated the name Blockwiz stands for.”

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“We had time constraints and faced many issues due to the FUD creation around our protocol and removed partnership updates, but Blockwiz handled everything cautiously. We didn’t have to worry about the execution aspect since the blockwiz team was all aligned and was taking care of the success metrics, even on weekends. We shall recommend this to others because with our previous experience from other marketing agencies, Blockwiz surely out performed and out-did themselves.”