95% of NFT vouchers sold in 90 days- Caldance

Caldance wanted a GTM strategy with a comprehensive communication strategy and content plan for their Twitter, Instagram and Discord platform.
With Blockwiz’s strategic approach to create a buzz and increase the visibility of their product before the NFT vouchers drop, we were able to deliver the results within 90 days of campaigning.

Introdution to the Project

Based on the BINANCE BSC blockchain, CALDANCE is here to bridge the gap between the Web3 landscape and turn exercise into habit and consequently live healthier lives.
It is an ecosystem which aims to seamlessly integrate Blockchain fitness applications, NFTs and GameFi models with real-time exercising and fitness gear.

Unravel Caldance USPs:

Caldance brings an innovative way to motivate people to stay fit. They encourage their users to live healthier and better lifestyles by rewarding them with tokens for burning calories.
The main USP of CALDANCE is they offer a very unique token generation product. On their platform the users can earn tokens even by spinning on cycle. They are the only players in the domain with a token generation cycle in the market.

Our KPIs

1. A Comprehensive GTM strategy

A GTM strategy framework was requested which identified a market problem and positioned their product as a solution.

2. Communication Strategy

They needed a very clear strategy on what the messaging should be for a better reach and impact.

3. Position Analysis

A detailed position analysis was needed to know exactly what their competitors were doing and where Caldance stood in the market.

4. Product Marketing Approach

They needed a strategic marketing plan to reach a wider audience for their Bluetooth equipment, which can be installed in any spinning cycle.

5. Partnerships & KOLs

They needed help with strategizing partnerships and choosing KOLs which would bring the highest traction for their NFT vouchers drop.


With US & Canada set as their target market, the key areas that needed immediate attention were creating awareness about the project and increasing brand awareness about the product for a successful NFT voucher drop.


1. Crypto Consulting

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Our Approach 

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1. Segregating Direct & Anchor Competitors to specify the niche

With the help of position analysis for Caldance, we identied and separated all the direct and anchor competitors for them. We helped them recognize how some of their competitors weren’t anchor competition as Caldance is a web2-based product with the web3 mechanism of token generation.

2. Advisory on Product and its User journey

We curated a long-term product plan in which we offered them a user journey plan with the option to drive users on their application or website. From there, we will persuade users to switch to cycling and then Bluetooth equipment.

3. Strategies for Increase in Sign-Ups

Without the Caldance token, a plan was set where the users would receive dummy tokens when they sign up for the platform. To keep the cycle moving, they motivated the users with the potential of earning more tokens when they buy a spin cycle or when they purchase fitness gear, i,e, Bluetooth equipment. The strategy behind this was that once the users have entered the ecosystem by signing up, we can influence them so that they can earn more with the cycle and later with equipment if they want to.

4. Strategies for better brand development and positioning

  • We wanted to position caldance as the Web3 fitness brand that helps users earn tokens and use this positioning for cross-platform sharing.
  • To amplify the buzz around the brand, we advised them to start the waitlist for the cycle on their website and apps.
  • We devised a strategic approach for affiliations with gym chains and web3 events to set up their cycle and let users experience the physical product.
  • To increase the token utility, a detailed plan was provided to Caldance to collaborate with businesses whose products or services could be purchased using tokens.

5. Exclusive KOLs & Partnerships Suggestions

We created an elaborate plan on how collaborating with the right KOLs and partnerships with brands will help bring traction for their website or social media sign-up and reach a wider audience before the NFT voucher drop.

6. GTM strategy and consulting on building hype and visibility

The GTM strategy framework was divided into 3 phases where we advised them to run paid ads, work on social media postings, and KOLs collaborations:
#Join2earn– In this phase, with the help of KOL and PR integration users were motivated to earn tokens by signing up on Discord, Twitter & Instagram and joining the waitlist to win from the website.
#Refer2earn – In this phase, we asked users to refer other users for them to get tokens and help reach and build a wider community. It was done to generate hype for the 1st voucher drop.
#Spin2earn– In this phase, we focused on creating a strategy called the ‘Caldance Viral Challenge’ with the help of KOL collaboration on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter and cross-platform sharing. We also advised them to get listed on and create viralness challenges where people come in and participate, submit their responses, and earn tokens.

Goals Achieved 

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“Working with Blockwiz has been amazing! They had streamlined the areas we needed to focus on before the NFT voucher drop, which resulted in a very successful campaign.”