385K YouTube Views in 7 days- gDEX

gDex was looking for a comprehensive strategy for KOL campaigns on Youtube, to promote their Cross-chain Guild Management Tool and register more sign-ups on their website. A threshold of minimum 150k reach and a CTR of 10%  was proposed.

With analytical tools & major KPIs to measure KOL activities on Youtube, we were able to exceed gDex expectations from the campaign and deliver outstanding results within 7 days of campaigning.

The first of its kind, gDEX, a Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange,  is here to empower gamers, creators and guilds in the Metaverse landscape.
The Play to earn platform is a unified GameFi layer which enables interoperability all across the metaverse landscape.

Unravel gDex’s USPs:

The main USP of gDEX is that it aims to open the gateway for the next generation of non-crypto gamers and developers to enter the Web3 with the help of a robust suite of chain agnostic no-coding needed tools and DeFi fueled GameFi tokenomics.
With the first ever gDEX metaverse passport, all gamers, creators and guilds can build, customize and play in the metaverse.

Our KPIs

1. Increase Sign Ups For gDEX Exclusive Metaverse Passports by 35%

The Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange was working towards bringing the traction of web3 gamers, creators and developers to their community. They wanted more sign ups for their website to continue to build a vibrant community of web3 enthusiasts online.

2. A Minimum of 150K Reach through YouTube KOLs

With the new Cross-chain Guild Management Tool, they wanted to reach the right target audience quickly. They set a benchmark of reaching at least 150k gamers, creators and developers in just 7 days of campaigning.

3. Click Through Rate of 10%

With the help of the Youtube KOL campaign, they wanted to bring interested users to their website and get them registered and make them part of the community. gDEX set a target of a minimum CTR of 10% to bring traction to their website.


1. On-boarding 5 Web3 Influencers

One of the major challenges we faced here was to get the influencers gDEX wanted to be involved in the Youtube campaign.
Influencers usually work independently and choose the projects they want to work on very carefully as they are influenced by many other external factors such as:
  • If the influencers are already working with a competitor in the same domain, it could lead to conflict of interest.
  • If the influencer is already working on different projects at the time, they might turn down the offer because of time limitation and their unavailability.
  • If the influencer has a set monetary expectation from Web3 campaigning, which might not be the same as the budget the client has allocated for the campaign.

2. Executing the campaign within 7 days

The other challenge we faced here was that the execution needed to be fast-tracked. The timeline set by the client was 7 days, which in itself is a major undertaking.


1. Influencer Marketing

We use proprietary metrics like conversion rate, turnaround time (TAT), credibility, reach and engagement, and the current and potential reach of KOLs to find the right fit for gDEX Youtube campaign for more sign-ups and promoting their Cross-chain Guild Management Tool.

Our Approach 

“With tight time-constraints in place, onboarding KOLs and executing the campaign was a challenge, however, here at Blockwiz we love challenges.”

Top Funnel 

1. Youtube KOLs with following of Web3 enthusiasts

The first step for us here was to locate the KOLs who had the highest numbers of followers who were Web3 enthusiasts. The pool could even include non-crypto players to tap into the new audience and convert them to the gDEX metaverse.

2. Selection of KOLs on basis of Proprietary Metrics

We prepare a comprehensive list of the KOLs which would be best for the campaigning.
The comprehensive list also included the key proprietary metrics like conversion rate, ER, TAT, views, audience and many more. The list is then sent to gDEX for final selection, for them to make an informed decision.

Middle Funnel

1. Video Script for the YouTube campaign

After the KOLs are selected, we need to work on the video scripts for the campaign. The script needs to discuss in detail the key areas, which gDEX wanted to focus on in detail and establish the right flow with a strong CTA for conversion.
The main focus for gDEX for the campaign was Sign-Ups. However, their were many more key focus areas they wanted to highlight, which are listed below:
  • Guild Management Tool and Discovery Zone
  • Progress till date
  • Team Profile
  • GameFi missions
  • Metaverse Passport

Bottom Funnel

1. Cross-Platform Sharing

After the KOLs posted the videos on their Youtube challenge, we needed to share the same on other social media platforms.
We selected Twitter for the Cross-Platform sharing and requested the KOLs to share the promotional video for gDEX on their Twitter to bring in more traction for the videos and make it a successful campaign.

Goals Achieved 

Metrics  at a Glance

Client  Testimonial

“We were really amazed by how quickly Blockwiz was able to get the KOLs onboarded for the project and managed to execute the project. The results we achieved from this campaign was much more than we anticipated and were really happy about. Thank you Blockwiz and team for all their efforts.”