7x Blog Reads in 30 Days- XLA

XLA requested a structured content strategy for their Medium Platform and requested a minimum of 150 blogs  reads and at least 500 users   on the platform.
With the help of our in-house experts and expert crypto writers, we were able to achieve the set benchmark with just 30 days of publishing.

Introdution to the Project

XLA uses blockchain technology to create revenue-sharing intelligent contracts that help fund creators worldwide. The community comprises contractors, creators, influencers, thinkers, inventors, and many others committed to shaping the future of the Web3 economy.

Unravel XLA USPs:

XLA is one of the first in the industry to realize a single entity cannot build a web3 community.
They welcome contractors, creators, influencers, thinkers, and inventors to come together and define, shape, and develop the new future of the Web3 economy.

Our KPIs

1. Increase the Medium Users to 500

The medium page of XLA did not have any followers on it. One of the major KPIs set by XLA was to increase the medium users to at least 500 users.

2. Rank in top 15 on SERPs

They wanted their medium blogs to gain traction on SERPs. They set a benchmark to rank at least 3 of the blogs in the top 15 SERPs.

3. Get a minimum of 600 reads per month

They wanted their Medium page to be engaging and bring in new followers. They wanted to get at least a minimum of 600 reads per month on their blogs on an average.


1. GNew Medium Platform

The medium page for XLA was new and hardly had any following on them. One of the major challenges we faced was to build on the following from scratch.

2. Low DA of 2

The domain authority for their Medium page was very low and stood at 2. The low DA was a major challenge for us because the competitors were already ranking #1 on SERPs.
3. Follower count 
The online follower count was also the same as others. The follower count when I took charge of SEO activities for XLA was 0.


Our Approach 

Top Funnel 

1. Defining Target Audience

One of the first steps we took was defining the target audience for the XLA Medium page. Knowing the target audience at the initial stage is of crucial importance because it helps draft the content of the blogs better and get better results for the client.

2. Competitor’s Analysis

The next step was doing a comprehensive competitor SEO analysis to understand what keywords are  working for the competitor and what strategy we can formulate to outrank them.

Middle Funnel

1. Keyword Research

We had to do an analytical keyword research to find the right trending keywords for the client and the medium page. Once the relevant keywords were selected, then they were segregated between primary and secondary.

2. 3 Month Comprehensive Content Cluster

We created a detailed three month comprehensive content cluster using the selected keywords. The comprehensive content cluster. The cluster consisted of blogs ranging from 4000 to 1500 words depending on the subject matter.

Bottom Funnel

1. List of Long Tail Blog Titles

We created a list of 50 long tail blog titles to work on. Once the list of the titles was created, the same was sent to the client for approval. The client then selected the titles which resonated with the project.

2. Drafting Blogs

Once the titles were finalized, we started drafting the blogs based on the subject matter, the keywords used, the relevancy of the keywords used and the topics requested by the client. The blogs were segregated into two parts:
  • Pillar Blogs – More than 4000 words
  • Regular Blogs – More than 1500 words.

Goals Achieved 

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“Our Medium Page now has 750 followers because of Blockwiz. We really appreciate the efforts you guys put in. We continue to work with you and build a much bigger community here on Medium.”