36,000 Visits in 7 days- ROLA

Rola.AI needed a comprehensive PR plan to build their standing in the crypto landscape before their project launch in just 10-days.
Through data mapping and detailed CPI analysis, Blockwiz established it as the next big Predict-To-Earn ecosystem.

Introdution to the Project

Rola aims to build a rewarding and enjoyable crypto community. The programme develops market signals from data, improves with Rolarian input, and generates improved information as a result. The ecosystem evolves as a result of “being in it together.”


The main USP here is that it incentivizes users to earn tokens by utilizing their predictions and inputs about the price of bitcoin and other tradeable crypto assets.
Rola wants to onboard crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts and lets them experience what blockchain and decentralized finance can offer, using its friendly user interface, simple gameplay, and offering a dedicated community to interact and learn.

Our KPIs

1. Public Beta Testing

Rola sought players to try the free-to-play, predict-to-earn game before the main launch. The enhanced algorithm of the app welcomed everyone to participate in the public beta available for download on iOS and Android.

2. Building The Rolarians

They intended to start community building before beta testing. They wanted to create a supportive and responsive community for all crypto traders and non-traders. Blockwiz drafted a social media plan with exponential growth across all channels.

3. Focus on User-Prediction

They wanted to build the Rola protocol as a platform to onboard crypto enthusiasts and expand their presence in the web3 ecosystem, Rola took this initiative keeping in mind the user-predictions that ultimately drive the platforms and contribute to its success.
The mission was simple, onboard the crypto traders and non-traders to experience one of its kind predict to earn game that lets users earn native tokens for every correct prediction.


1. A Reach of at least 20k Followers

One of the significant challenges we faced was building credibility for the game in the short span of 10 days.

2. A Building reliability

The biggest challenge that we faced was to build trust and reliability as the project caters to predict to earn ecosystem which innately is volatile and highly speculative. Furthermore with crypto as its underlying asset, the stakes were too high.
In crypto, building credibility is an ongoing process that ultimately helps eliminate any FUD that might be around the brand name.


1. Press Releases

Rola wanted to showcase their brand as the world’s most significant predict to earn ecosystem and a robust learning algorithm capable of generating most accurate insights about weekly bitcoin prices.
Connecting the brand with its customers is one of its benefits. Blockwiz offers PR and sponsored content services to its clients. Connecting your brand with top media outlets, we help your brand get recognised in the crypto landscape and reach the right audience instantly.

Our Approach 

“The goal of getting the word out about ROLA was achieved easily with strategic planning and choosing the right PR houses for ROLA , which got maximum views in a short period.”
A strategic approach for ROLA Ai to ensure the credibility and hype for the brand in just 7 days:

1. Choosing the Right PR house

Choosing the right PR house for ROLA was a priority to maximize the reach in a short period. After thorough research, was chosen to publish the PR articles.

2. Building Credibility

Another phase in our strategy to place ROLA on the map was to establish credibility for the brand. The easiest way to accomplish this was to select the correct PR house to get them the most exposure with the least amount of effort.

Goals Achieved 

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“With the help of Blockwiz, we were able to get everything sorted and out ready to be published in a matter of just 7 days.”