4.8 Million Impressions in 29 Days- KuCoin

The goal of Kucoin was to reach 600K on Instagram and TikTok in pursuit of encouraging more sign-ups and user awareness.
Blockwiz accepted the challenge, and a dedicated team of experienced marketers was assigned.
Strategies were formed, and the following steps were taken:
  • Two types of campaigns were executed
  • Promoted their NFT and Trading bot competition
  • Created introductory tutorial videos for Kucoin
  • Influencers were onboarded to showcase the platform’s features
Using a data-driven three-funnel approach, Blockwiz achieved its set objective in 29 days.

 Introdution to the Project

KuCoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 20 million global investors.
The main objective was to target the LATAM and English markets. We curated tailor-made proposals for their requirement and recommended working with our authentic KOLs, including Aimstone and Jason Pizzino.

With 181K+ views, the videos were very popular and improved Kucoin’s keyword ranking on YouTube.


KuCoin has extremely low trading fees, a P2P marketplace with no fees, over 700+ Cryptocurrencies, and 20+ global communities.
It’s packed with additional features that attract traders’ love, like trading bots, futures, margin trading, and crypto lending.

Our KPIs- KuCoin

1. To promote adoption with the $25 USDT bonus Campaign

To gain the attention of a non-crypto young audience present on Instagram and TikTok to attract new signups by promoting Kucoin’s new feature of offering $25 USDT for every signup on their platform.

2. Team Battle and SIG Partnership Promotion

To promote the partnership between Team Battle and SIG through TikTok and to encourage audience engagement in KOL’s teams in the tournament.

3. To promote the Kucoin Trading bots and increase sign-ups on Kucoin

To get people talking through Telegram communities about new products, such as trading bots launched by Kucoin. Also, to boost signups and the audience’s attention.


1. Influencers’ account suspensions

Awareness campaigns are mostly straightforward, with the objective and KPIs already set in advance. Other campaigns are time-sensitive. Working with KOLs, we faced the challenge of the KOL’s account getting suspended due to changes in the platform’s algorithm or KOLs not being able to deliver on time.

2. Staying on the schedule

Our biggest concern throughout the campaign was getting the content live per our calendar plan and getting the right audience’s attention.


Our Approach 

Top Funnel 

1. Increasing Brand Awareness through dedicated and focused Influencer Marketing

Using a full-funnel strategy, Blockwiz created a customized go-to-marketing campaign. The committed KOLs contributed towards fulfilling the KOL campaign objectives. To propose a special value to our client, we introduced customization options.
In the campaign’s initial phase, 8 renowned KOLs were asked to publish posts on TikTok, costing $0.01 for each impression. The best performing posts were of ‘Alessandroautieroyt’, ‘dk.idol’, and ‘Nicolas | Finance’.
To improve Kucoin’s keyword position on YouTube, we also suggested working with our authentic KOLs and curated tailor-made proposals.

Middle Funnel

1. Planning and Executing a community-driven campaign to increase new user sign-ups on KuCoin

The first two campaigns were successful. Inspired by the results, we executed one more small campaign with the low-budget influencers in the market to educate crypto beginners. It boosted the adoption rate of the Kucoin platform by 60%.
We used Telegram community management services to get people talking about the Lomen NFT launch and Kucoin’s trading bot and increase the signup rate.

Bottom Funnel

1. Team Battle and SIG partnership with tournament promotion through Twitter and TikTok

We promoted Team Battle and SIG partnership through Tiktok for more visibility. A $10 million strategic investment was announced by Kucoin through SIG and launched their trading tournament.
To get the maximum number of people to join the tournament, we used Twitter for promotion. We asked KOLs to participate in the game, create their own teams and invite audiences to join their teams.
We planned and executed various community engagement activities like polls and giveaways to encourage maximum user interaction and ensure user retention.

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“From day 1 of our partnership, Blockwiz has been transparent to us. They helped us with good KOL recommendations, which did reap good results. Also they managed our community well and suggested and executed great community campaigns. Our tournament was a big success all thanks to Blockwiz’s strategic thinking and incredible network of influencers.”

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