100% Conversion Rate in 30 days- Assembly

Assembly requested a data-driven marketing strategy for their NFT sale. They set a benchmark of minimum 15% engagement on their community platforms and a conversion rate of at least 75% for their NFT sale.
With the help of data-driven techniques and analytical tools we were able to achieve the set benchmark in just 30 days of campaigning.

 Introdution to the Project

The Solana powered GameFi, The Assembly is here to offer AAA-quality gaming experience built on the foundation of art, history, NFTs and blockchain ecosystem.
Unlike other traditional games,  in The Assembly players can own the items they use, represented by NFTs or ownership certificates.


The main USP of The Assembly is that it is an Action-Adventure / MOBA fusion, inspired by games such as League of Legends and Dynasty Warriors.
In this game, the warriors and mythical heroes from across history will clash for supremacy in a 5v5 battlefield.

 Our KPIs- Assembly

1. Increase in Community engagement by 15%

One of the main KPIs set by The Assembly was to increase their community engagement by a minimum benchmark of 15%.

2. 75% NFT sale

Another major KPI set by The Assembly was, they wanted a conversion rate of 75%. They were all set for their NFT sale and wanted at least 3/4th of the NFT sold in the first round.


1. Increase in Engagement by 15%

One of the major challenges we faced was building an engagement rate of 15% for their NFT sale. We had to create a specific engagement strategy to tackle the situation.

2. More Sign-Ups

The NFT sale was one of the major priorities for the client. We had to ensure more sign up from the interested people for the game before the sale went live.

3. A Minimum Conversion Rate of 75%

Any conversion rate of 50% for an NFT is always a challenge. However, they set a benchmark of at least 75% to ensure the campaign was a success.


1. Community Marketing

Social media content is an essential component of cryptocurrency project promotion. It focuses on spreading the word about the project’s product or service and emphasizing its accomplishments and successes. Build hype to reach where your users are most active.

Our Approach 

Top Funnel 

1. Creating a Discord Content Calendar

We created a detailed Discord content calendar which was tailored to increase the engagement on the platform and create a hype about the game in the community.

Middle Funnel

1. 4 Week Breakdown

We created a 4 week breakdown plan which tailored unique discord campaign ideas and activities to the story of their then launch Mayan.

Bottom Funnel

  • Revamping the content

We executed and tracked points of the ongoing activities which led to the growth in the campaign. We worked towards a more analytical side where we kind of identified what was working and what wasn’t to present a more detailed approach.

Goals Achieved 

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“We want to thank Blockwiz for the amazing campaign they had run for us. The conversion rate was 100% which was more than what we anticipated. We want to thank Blockwiz for all the efforts they put in for the campaign.”

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