25K Visitors through Press Release in 15 Days- Walken

Walken requested a strategic approach to build on their standing in the crypto landscape before their Beta testing in just 15 days.
Using data-mapping and detailed CPI analysis, Blockwiz established Walken as the next big move-to-earn game.


 Introdution to the Project

The move to earn allows the players to walk more to enter various Battle-games with their CATthletes within the Walken Platform. The Platform is designed in a way that allows players to benefit financially by using all in-game mechanics.


The main USP here is that it incentivizes users to earn money by focusing on their health and exercise through a cryptocurrency token.
Walken wants to onboard millions of non-crypto people and lets them experience what blockchain and decentralized finance can offer, using its friendly user interface, simple, fun gameplay, and adorable play.
Shima Capital and Infinity Ventures Crypto are Web3 investors who backed Walken in a $4.7M funding round.

 Our KPIs- Walken

1. Public Beta Testing

They wanted players to try the free-to-play win-to-earn game before the main launch. The enhanced and thoroughly polished Walken app will welcome everyone to participate in the public beta available for download on iOS and Android.

2. Building the Walken Community

They wanted to start the community-building process before people started beta testing. They wanted to build a loyal and responsive community for all the players.

3. Focus on Consumer-Oriented Products

They wanted to build the Walken protocol as a platform to onboard other developers and expand the web3 eco-system with consumer-oriented products.


1. A reach of at least 20k followers

While executing the campaign, the client asked us to provide replacement options for PR House. They wanted a different approach for their Press Releases to get them maximum views and effective cost per view.
A suitable replacement had to be provided to accommodate the request, which would give them the desired reach.

2. Building Credibility

One of the significant challenges we faced was building credibility for the game in the short span of 15 days.
In crypto, building credibility is an ongoing process that ultimately helps eliminate any FUD that might be around the brand name.


1. Press Releases

Walken wanted to showcase their brand in the world’s most significant media publications.
We can quickly get your brand’s image boosted by showcasing it on the world’s biggest crypto media houses.
Connecting the brand with its customers is one of its benefits. Blockwiz offers PR and sponsored content services to its clients. Connecting your brand with top media outlets, we help your brand get recognised in the crypto landscape and reach the right audience instantly.

Our Approach 

“Credibility of your crypto game can make or break your project. We here at Blockwiz believe in making your crypto project the next big thing.”
We took a quick strategic approach for Walken to ensure the credibility and hype for the brand be revamped in just 15 days:

1. Choosing the Right PR house

Choosing the right PR house for Walken was a priority to maximize the reach in a short period.
After thorough research, Cointelegraph and Ambcrypto were chosen to publish at least 9 PR articles, ranging from medium to top-tier media houses.

2. Helping with SEO

Walken wanted organic reach for all its users. They wanted a strategic plan for SEO to put them on the map organically. Our SEO experts developed an extensive SEO plan for 15 days to kick-start their SEO journey effortlessly.

3. Building Credibility

Another step in our approach to put Walken on the map was to start building credibility around the brand name. The best way to achieve this was to choose the right PR house to get them the best reach with minimal effort.
Building credibility is an ongoing process that must be worked on for a long time for a long-standing.

Goals Achieved 

“The goal of getting the word out about Walken was achieved easily with strategic planning and choosing the right PR houses for Walken, which got maximum views in a short period.”

Metrics at a Glance 

Client Testimonial

“We had limited time to plan the content and get the PR out to the right media houses. With the help of Blockwiz, we were able to get everything sorted and out ready to be published in a matter of just 15 days.”