52,000+ Active Users With KOL & PR Campaigns- VYVO Smart Chain

Vyvo Smart Chain emerges as a bridge between blockchain and healthcare in the ever-evolving blockchain space.   It introduces the world’s first heartbeat-driven blockchain system to empower users. The users gain access to impressive rewards based on the data generated through integrated wearable devices. With this, Vyvo becomes an innovative platform revolutionizing health data management and sets a new standard for data ownership and monetization via blockchain technology.

The Vyvo Smart Chain signifies a revolution in the management of health data. It presents a secure, transparent platform directly linking users and researchers. VSC’s platform operates by anonymizing users’ data within a decentralized digital health (DDH) framework, thereby catalyzing medical research and fostering scientific breakthroughs that pave the way for enhanced solutions in the future.

Navigating Challenges With Best Practices

Blockchain innovations are swiftly permeating the market landscape. Hence, the primary objective of the marketing strategy was to delineate the distinctive features of Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) and illuminate viewers on its unparalleled advantages. The ambitious target within the metrics was set at achieving an 850 million cap on staking supply within a tight 45-day timeframe.

We know the task in our hand is challenging and not an easily achievable one. Here are the main roadblocks the marketing team has understood:

  • There exists a substantial lack of awareness among the populace regarding the monetization of healthcare data. 
  • The campaign was orchestrated to operate in a bear market scenario. Blockchain technology, while a formidable force, remains unfamiliar to the normal cohorts. 
  • There are popular competitors such as Apple Watch and Fitbit dominating the field.

The Blockwiz marketing team embarked on the daunting task of instilling brand awareness regarding the platform and enlightening users on the advantages of developing healthcare data monetization within smart chains.

The team convened to brainstorm ideas. The overarching plan aimed at informing, educating, comprehending, and implementing. The primary objectives were crafted with the ambitious target of achieving 850 million in staking supply within a stringent time frame.

  • These objectives encompass disseminating comprehensive information about the product.
  • Emphasize the uniqueness and USP of the brand. 
  • Establish a robust initial brand presence. 
  • Placing significant emphasis on community building, particularly through Telegram, was deemed crucial for attracting new users.
  • Fortifying a strong user base by encouraging additional sign-ups on the platform.

From Planning to Achievement: Executing Marketing Vision 

The team developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the product. It involves steps to create a robust community on telegram, The implementation involves two distinct facets: Organic and Inorganic. Within the Organic approach, our focus was enhancing the marketability of their social media posts. Leveraging influencer marketing proved most effective in establishing initial brand awareness. So we leveraged the social media presence of relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to generate excitement around the project.

The Inorganic strategy placed significant importance on ad placements. The team meticulously crafted compelling advertisements designed to attract users. These banner ads were strategically positioned across pertinent platforms to channel the maximum amount of traffic to the Brand page.

Throughout these endeavors, the marketing experts at Blockwiz continually monitored every effort. At every step, our vigilance ensured steady progress towards the established goals within the allocated time frame.


  • Meticulously crafted compelling top-of-the-funnel advertisements aimed to spark brand awareness. The primary Call to Action (CTA) embedded within these ads was “makedatapay.”
  • We strategically chose X and Telegram as the primary platforms, recognizing their prevalence among the active blockchain user population.
  • The campaign was centered around the concept of empowering individuals to take control of their health data, encapsulated by the hashtag #makedatapay. An educational approach was adopted to facilitate a deeper understanding of owning one’s health data.

Reaching New Peak Via Marketing

Excellence and precise solutions consistently yield the best outcomes in marketing endeavors, a truth mirrored in the Vyvo marketing campaigns. We succeeded in delivering the utmost for the brand within the stipulated time frame. This success owes itself to the unwavering dedication of our team, persistently toiling day and night to surpass marketing objectives and drive an unparalleled surge in Vyvo sign-ups.

Through a compelling value proposition and strategic placements, we were able to meet and exceed our targets. Each effort was meticulously orchestrated, harmonizing strategy and creativity to optimize results. Finally, Vyvo has ascended to the pinnacle of its niche.

With a satisfied client and the resounding victory in achieving our marketing objectives, revolutionizing the volume of sign-ups, here is an encapsulation of our accomplishments.

Acing Customer Satisfaction With VSC:

With the unfolding of a successful campaign, Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) acquired joy. They joined the Blockwiz team to celebrate this big achievement. This is an evidence to the fact that we showcase a constant dedication for our clients, ensuring nothing but the utmost excellence.

We are constantly emerging through the journey, exceeding expectations and setting benchmarks in the industry. Each choice we make and each step we take is guided by our commitment to provide incomparable value, unwavering excellence, and satisfactory service.