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The Ultimate Guide to cryptocurrency community management 2023

A Crypto community management strategy that actually works.

Communication Strategy

Comprehensive community audits to analyze what engages your target audience the most.

Comprehensive discord community

Timely, Creative Content

Weekly campaigns, company updates, 24x7 query resolution to increase engagement.

creative content strategy

Cutting Edge Bots

Automate repeated tasks and giveaway campaigns to maximize engagement.

get maxmize engagement

Smarter Insights

More conversions, more views, more performance with intuitive KPI dashboards.

Maximum ROI

More awareness, more authority, more growth.

Discord & Telegram Community Growth

  • Increase monthly active platform users with an active Discord & Telegram Community.


  • Discord & Telegram community growth could be one of the most crucial platforms to use for crypto marketing. If you can telegram marketing right, your crypto Discord & Telegram Marketing campaign can reach a whole new level of success!


  • Blockwiz’s team of digital marketing experts knows how to do it right, and we can help you build a loyal Discord & Telegram Community that can vouch for your brand.

Our offerings for Discord & Telegram crypto marketing include the following:

  • Understand Your Niche


  • Build An Engaging Community


  • Develop Users’ Trust


  • Create Awesome Content


  • Track Every Move
Our Approach
  • Understand your audience through brand research and analysis.


  • Engage your audience by creating new Discord & Telegram spaces, threads, groups & channels or enriching existing ones.


  • Develop engaging, creative, & informative content to create a robust connection between the brand and its customers.


  • Keep the community active & engaged by running quizzes, competitions & offering giveaways.


  • Maintain a healthy ecosystem by using anti-spam bots that keep the spammers at bay.


  • Collaborate with other well-established & strong communities to promote your space.


  • Monitor and gather reports for everything that happens within your space for in-depth analysis.

Our Results

  • How we build a superlative Telegram community for Fashion League, one of our clients


Read Here


  • Want to build a trustworthy, engaging & active Discord & Telegram community for your brand? You’ve reached the right place. 


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Justin G.
We needed an immediate rescue for our Telegram channel. It had a dropout rate of 25%. However, since Blockwiz, our dropout has gone less than 5%. We have 19k members on our Telegram channel now!

Head of Partnership, Metagaia

World's Best Crypto Community Growth Experts

Crypto Community Growth Experts at Blockwiz put cutting edge resources and innovation to create the future.
Dev Sharma.jpg
Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO
Dev has proved his expertise by creating benchmarks in multiple niches across the globe.
Mohit Ahuja.jpg
Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer
Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.
Ahsaas Syed
Head of Growth
With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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