PR & Sponsored Articles


PR & Sponsored Articles

Showcase your brand on the world's largest media publications

Your crypto brand’s image can be boosted by showcasing it on the world’s biggest crypto media houses. Connecting the brand with its customers is one of its benefits.

Blockwiz offers PR and sponsored content services to its clients. By connecting your brand with top media outlets, we help your offerings and brand stand out.


Key elements of PR & Sponsored Articles:

  • Understand Brand Tone
  • Create Content Plan
  • Suggest Media Houses
  • Identify Best Time to Post
  • Best Pricing


Our Approach

  • Decide what tone of voice the client would like to use to contact the right media houses.
  • Provide clients the option of selecting a media house among 100+ top crypto media houses such as Bitcoin[dot]com, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and many others, based on their budget.
  • Plan a targeted content strategy based on the brand’s understanding.
  • Utilize high-potential keywords to write SEO-friendly content for the brand. Develop content highlighting new partnerships, product launches, or any other announcements for the brand.
  • Research and identify the most appropriate time to publish PR & Sponsored content so users will be more engaged with it.
  • Develop long-term relationships with media houses in order to showcase the client’s brand consistently.
  • Provide flexible and industry-best prices after negotiating with our media partners.


Our Results

How we helped Vauld get global recognition & penetrate the crypto market READ HERE


Want to get your PR done & sponsored content published on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency media houses? We can help you connect with the best in the business, simply CONNECT WITH US

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