Web3 Paid Ad Agency

Best Web3 Paid Ad Agency: Our Top Choices

Are you looking for innovative ways to expand the online presence of your NFT or blockchain brand? Having a sound marketing strategy is essential in the quickly expanding and constantly changing world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Hiring web3 paid ad agencies for the same could be the best option. Let’s dive deeper.

Recent statistics of compound annual growth rate (CAGR) predicted that web3 technology will hit 30.2% between 2020 and 2026. Businesses have a whole new universe of potential, particularly with the rise of blockchain, NFTs, and decentralised financing (DeFi).

To assist you with your project, we have put together a list of the top Web3 paid ad agencies. Not only will it assist you in reaching your target audience and achieving your business objectives, but also offer cutting-edge and result-driven marketing strategies.

These ad agencies got you covered whether you’re looking for the top Web3 paid ad agencies, social media promotions or influencer marketing.

Let’s explore the top Web3 paid ad agencies enabling you to achieve your marketing goals:


Based in Manhattan, Coinbound is one of the top Web3 paid ad agencies specialising in assisting blockchain and NFT brands to increase their online presence.

  • Established in 2017, Coinbound has a proven track record of successfully creating marketing campaigns for numerous high-profile brands, such as Cosmos, Voyager, CoinStats, and more.
  • Coinbound offers its clients various services, including influencer and thought-leader marketing, community building and management on Twitter and Discord, Web3 PR services, content marketing and search engine optimisation, and Web3 blog management.

Their team of experts specialises in helping brands rank higher on Google through Web3 SEO strategies, managing online communities through Twitter and Discord, and connecting brands with influential publishers and media networks. In addition, Coinbound has a dedicated team of content producers who create various types of content, such as blogs, press releases, and announcements for their clients’ crypto projects.

Some of the high-profile clients that Coinbound has worked with include:

  • Cosmos
  • Voyager
  • Etoro
  • CoinStats
  • OKCoin, and Metamask

Coinbound is a top option for businesses wishing to increase their visibility in cryptocurrency due to their knowledge and experience in Web3 marketing.


Ninjapromo is a full-stack blockchain development PR company that provides banking, cryptocurrency, and B2B marketing services.

  • Their work with well-known firms like Polkadot and other businesses like Trust Wallet, Dopamine, Decent, Probit, Bull Perks, and Fantom demonstrates their success in the Web 3.0 sector.
  • Ninjapromo offers excellent promotional strategies and carefully crafted material to ensure clients receive the necessary traffic exposure.
  • They offer website design, mobile application development, email marketing, influencer marketing, content management, blockchain development, video production, as well as organic and paid media.

Additionally, Ninjapromo provides unmatched services in digital media marketing due to its expertise in branding strategies and visual media.

Ninjapromo’s key features include its ability to engage the audience on the channels of their choice, creating lasting connections that increase trust. In addition, their paid media experts use tried-and-true methods for increasing revenue, helping clients maximise ROI on their advertising expenditures.

Ninjapromo also provides a feature-rich and user-friendly website layout that encourages conversions and enhances the user experience. Some happy clients who have benefited from Ninjapromo’s exceptional services are:

  • Trust Wallet
  • Decent
  • Bull Perks
  • Dopamine
  • Probit, and Fantom.


Blockwiz is a Web3 marketing agency specialising in helping crypto and blockchain brands.

  • The company was founded in 2019 and has completed over 700 crypto campaigns.
  • Blockwiz has a team of 70 crypto experts, including writers, designers, and strategists.
  • The company has won various awards, including the Global Business Awards by Corporate Vision, Top-Rated ICO Marketing Agencies by SoftwareWorld, and Best Crypto Advertising.

Being a top Web3 paid ad agency, Blockwiz offers several critical services to its clients, such as PR, search engine optimisation, sponsored articles, pay-per-click marketing, influencer marketing, crypto content writing, and crypto video creation.

The company showcases brands worldwide through PR and sponsored articles and collaborates with AMB Crypto and Bitcoin.com. In addition, their SEO experts offer a comprehensive crypto SEO audit, content optimisation, and reporting, determining the best keywords to target for maximum conversions.

Blockwiz’s professional video creator team specialises in creating high-quality videos to promote crypto and blockchain products. Their social media professionals determine the best platforms to facilitate clients’ blockchain products, managing their social media profiles to grow their online communities for higher customer engagement.

Blockwiz also helps clients sell their NFT assignments by facilitating them over social media platforms utilising top industry influencers. The company’s team of expert PPC professionals aims to double clients’ conversion rates and reduce their cost per click.

Blockwiz’s top clients include:

  • Uniris
  • Sugar Bounce
  • Mosaico
  • Hubble
  • Cobidex, and CryptoBiz


Guerrillabuzz has been one of the top Web3 paid ad agencies since 2018, offering solutions such as Blockchain marketing, social media promotions, NFT marketing, and Web 3 PR. As the concept of Web 3.0 continues to develop, launching a successful project requires strategic planning and appropriate promotional strategies to gain momentum.

  • Guerrillabuzz offers detailed project analysis and the best Web 3.0 PR strategy to create hype around your project, including advertising in the metaverse. Their unique promotion methods have benefited clients such as Attack Wagon, Bancor, Cryptohopper, and bit.com.
  • Among their key features, Guerrillabuzz develops SEO-optimized content for relevant keywords and provides services such as website makeovers, PPC advertising, explainer film creation for Blockchain products, and comprehensive project advisory consultation.

They also offer a ready-to-market branding strategy to help clients establish a strong presence in the industry.


Crowdcreate is an exceptional PR agency that specialises in projects related to the world of crypto and NFTs.

  • With a global reach of 7.1 million and successfully serving over 400 projects in this domain, Crowdcreate has become a serious competitor to other PR agencies, having raised a net sum of USD 250 million.

Crowdcreate offers unparalleled Web 3.0 services and assures results. They start by thoroughly examining your project to identify flaws and help you overcome them. Then, their exceptional services ensure your project reaches a broader audience, resulting in a successful PR campaign. As a result, it is trusted by some top-grossing Web 3.0 brands, including: 

  • Jamcity
  • Solana
  • JAXX
  • The Sandbox, and Casper.


Hype is a specialised business that only works on Web 3.0 media initiatives. However, they offer excellent services in every area of Web 3.0 game systems, ecosystems, and metaverse projects. Unmatched in their usage of cutting-edge promotion strategies, Hype Partners approach each project with vigour and daring.

With clients from all over the world, hype supports all cutting-edge and distinctive Web 3.0 projects. They have partnered with industry leaders such as: 

  • Algorand
  • Celo
  • Chiliz
  • Flow, and Ledger.

To experience exceptional Web 3.0 services, get in touch with their representatives.

Hype’s key features include managing partners and involving academia, experts, and suppliers. They provide partner recognition and work collaboratively with their partners to ensure successful project outcomes. They also scout partners for business units, handle partner selection and contract administration, and manage opportunities to help clients achieve their goals.

Rehab Agency

Rehab Agency is a dynamic and innovative AI-powered marketing agency specialising in web 3.0 development and blockchain functioning. They offer unparalleled services in Web 3.0 and NFT and assist clients in creating exceptional business ideas and promotional strategies to stand out. Rehab Agency is a group of passionate web marketers who share the goal of helping crypto and blockchain businesses thrive online.

This top Web3 paid ad agency boasts a team of professional crypto experts who specialise in cryptocurrencies, NFT, and ICO marketing solutions. They are currently working on building metaverse projects for leading brands such as:

  • Nike
  • Fox
  • Facebook

Some of their esteemed clients include:

  • Amazon
  • Estee Lauder
  • Nike, and Google.


Neoreach is a full-service marketing agency specialising in distributed teams, Web3-based targets, and decentralised initiatives. With a deep understanding of core blockchain audiences and technologies, Neoreach offers a complete marketing strategy from conception to execution.

  • The organisation also offers excellent resources for secondary market amplification plans, NFT minting schedules, and assistance.
  • Neoreach also improves campaign content, retargets customers, and launches paid advertising from influencer profiles to boost conversions and credibility across numerous social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Additionally, the agency uses a knowledgeable strategy for paid media and user acquisition to syndicate influencer content.

All aspects of an influencer campaign are managed by the agency team, including the introduction of the influencer, contract negotiations, deployment, shipment, and payment. They also keep in touch with people for prospective upcoming activations.

Web3 Consulting 

Web3 Consulting is a global company that provides extensive internet marketing techniques to a discerning clientele. They specialise in niche-focused processes while keeping an eye on broader market trends.

  • Their comprehensive online services bundle includes specialised SEO techniques, refined website analysis, online PR, marketing, and content strategies.
  • One of their key features is promoting their clients’ projects using automated data marketing techniques.
  • They also provide project development and optimisation services, marketing, branding, and promoting cryptocurrencies.

Web3 Consulting stands out in its ability to understand figures and utilise data to create superior products. Furthermore, they sincerely appreciate the web2 ecosystem and apply those learnings to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Additionally, Web3 Consulting comprehends the fundamentals of web3 and blockchain technology, instilling user trust in their services.


Solulab is an agency that offers solutions in Blockchain, Metaverse, and other Crypto-related domains and is well-known for its expertise in these areas.

The agency has a prestigious client list that includes: 

  • Walt Disney
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Goldman Sachs, and Georgia Tech, among others.

Solulab is an expert in Blockchain development and provides tailored solutions to help clients achieve successful visual outcomes for their projects. In addition to blockchain, the agency has also developed mobile apps and Metaverse development solutions.

Furthermore, Solulab offers exciting services like machine learning, data science, and the Internet of Things.


In conclusion, the rise of Web3 technologies and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and NFTs have created new opportunities and challenges for businesses looking to promote their products and services. As a result, paid advertising has become an increasingly important component of marketing strategies in this space, and several specialised Web3 paid ad agencies have emerged to meet the demand.

Each agency highlighted here – Guerrillabuzz, Blockwiz, and Crowdcreate – has unique strengths and expertise, making them viable options for businesses looking to launch successful campaigns in the Web3 space. By choosing the right Web3 paid ads from top Web3 paid ad agencies to partner with, companies can unlock new opportunities for growth and success in this rapidly evolving industry.


  1. How does Web3 marketing differ from conventional marketing?

Through a variety of digital media, Web3 marketing advertises blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related products and services. When you incorporate cutting-edge technology such as NFTs, decentralised platforms, and other Web 3.0 elements to interact with the target audience, this differs conventional marketing from web3 marketing.

  1. What are the advantages of hiring a Web3 ad agency?

You can add growth and expand your business in a different way by working with a Web3 ad agency. This includes access to a large network of influencers and communities and the use of cutting-edge marketing tools.

  1. Name the best web3 marketing tool.

The best web3 marketing tools are Metamask, Bullz, and decentralised social media platforms such as Peepeth, Minds and Mastodon.

  1. What are the services offered by Web3 ad agencies?

Social Media management, content creation, strategy development, paid advertising and community building are the few services provided by Web3 ad agencies.

  1. How to choose the right Web3 marketing agency?

While choosing the right web3 ad agency, check their portfolio thoroughly and consider their experience and expertise and, most importantly, prices.

  1. What is the fee charged by Web3 ad agencies?

Some agencies charge a flat rate for their services, while others bill by the hour. Therefore, before entering into a contract with a Web3 marketing agency, it is best first to discuss pricing and payment arrangements.