Ultimate Guide to Crypto Influencer Marketing

Ultimate Guide to Crypto Influencer Marketing

It is becoming increasingly important to use crypto influencer marketing, as demonstrated by this quote from Emily Warna. This quote holds true even in disruptive domains like blockchain, where crypto influencers connect blockchain technology developers with mainstream investors through the use of social media.

Influencer marketing for crypto projects has evolved into many innovative ways of marketing brands through influencers. If you want to capture the target audience’s attention, the best way is to approach someone who has already caught the crowd’s attention.

Influencer marketing is tossed for reaching a whopping $16.4 billion this year. 89% of businesses say they have received a better ROI with influencer marketing than other marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing strategy is acquiring a tremendous pace. Social media or blogs influence around 60% of buyers before buying. According to marketing professionals, The value of a token in the market will depend on its publicity, and influencers help boost the project’s publicity.

Crypto influencers are seeking reasonable compensation for promoting crypto projects. But, it benefits the brand because more than 90% of people purchase based on an influencer’s opinion.

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What is Crypto Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing for crypto projects uses influencers with a following primarily consisting of cryptocurrency aficionados, blockchain fanatics, investors, and financial specialists devoted to all things in crypto.

Influencers deliver material, such as videos, essays, stories, tweets, and informative and promotional features – without reaching across as manufactured or shady.

Crypto influencers have become a vital alternative marketing technique in the blockchain arena. Many influencers assist in demystifying the complicated matters between the blockchain community and crypto investors.

Joining in hand with crypto influencers supplies multiple advantages to projects, like:

  • Advance to a vast audience base
  • Increase your brand’s credibility
  • Enlargement in the social media followership
  • Creating more leads
  • Upsurge in the number of sales

Crypto influencers have been producing content on their online site for a long time. They have designed proficiency in the niche of creative technology. Hence, they come across as someone with sound knowledge concerning the domain.

Reputation is heavily weighted in the crypto market. We have witnessed how some coins that stay in talks are priced high. Nevertheless, if you think your coin also deserves that honor, onboard the right crypto influencer today to catch more high traction.

Need for Influencers marketing for cryptocurrency

Many factors donate to the adamant core of the crypto sector – altering regulations, blockchain technology ideas, highly unexpected market practices, and an inflow of crooks – are just a few of the intricate issues investors must deal with.

An average crypto enthusiast will not have adequate time to keep up with every transformation in the evolving blockchain space. For this cause, influencers are essential: they are accountable for completing these tricky problems comprehensible to someone who is not technically trained.

  • Users have been locomoted to actual individuals who have been associated with the niche endeavor for a substantial time.
  • Users appreciate helpful answers and real-time relations.
  • Crypto is yet unexplored. Individuals require somebody familiar to assist them in steering.
  • Influencers are knowledgeable and available, which functions wonderful for this industry as it is favorably volatile.

Promotion actions of all sizes can benefit from encouraging brand praise, Still, influencer campaigns can support increase organic traffic, backing community development, and support to establish a company’s image by specifying connections with noteworthy people.

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Power of Crypto Influencer Marketing

In spite of its volatility, influencer marketing has made a massive impact on the crypto-verse. Influencer marketing is yet a prevalent mode of marketing. When you get a recommendation from people you like, it will be more promising to buy or invest. That is what influencer marketing is doing. This also aids in forging leads and altering them into clients.

People Trust Influencers

Influencers formulate a solid trust-based connection with their followers by disseminating helpful knowledge. This is the reason why followers trust them.

Help Start up to Grow

Crypto Influencers suit the objective of demystifying cryptocurrency for non-technical people. They simplify the entire process for those just getting started in the globe of cryptocurrency.

Create More Attention to Content

Promotional content constructed by influencers is nicely integrated into informational content, and their fans are not put off it in the advertisement category. An influencer can get alert to your crypto undertaking by presenting it to the right bunch of forthcoming investors.

3 ways to grow your crypto brand awareness

Levels of Market penetration with Influencers

Blockchain companies have used influencer marketing as their go-to option to advance themselves. Influencer marketing, in general, has been adopted throughout industries to break barriers and penetrate the markets faster.

Blockchain businesses have taken up influencer marketing for crypto as their go-to option to promote themselves. Influencer marketing, in general, has been embraced throughout enterprises to smash borders and spike the markets quickly.

So, here are the three levels of market penetration you can accomplish via crypto and blockchain influencer marketing.

Industry and Business

Having a more comprehensive set of influencers lecture about and encourage you as an element of the industry of the crypto ecosystem is even more critical.

  • It will make a buzz around your blockchain business, and the project may even get organic coverage.
  • Contacting a broader set of audiences will support branding and industry praise.

Being spoken about more intensely and widely assist you in aligning more general business goals at an earlier stage.

Audience and User Base

This is the second level of market penetration. All marketing actions aim to attract an audience and users to the service and products. Blockchain influencer marketing is an exact manner of targeting individuals.

Imagination and incentivization are the legends here. Blending tempting offerings like contests and prizes, challenges, games, lucky draws, discounts, etc. are some of the movements that can push potential users to come to your crypto business.

Leadership and Influence

This is the final level of market penetration. It is important to comprehend that the third level is, again the most challenging level to advance. A complete plethora of crypto marketing excursions need to be conducted efficiently, consistently, and smartly.

We will require to set long-term industry goals and devise exceptional plans for them. We will need to engage our audience and the industry as well in a spectrum of methods. And most importantly, have forbearance and develop a brand.

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Types of Crypto Influencers

How frequently do you folks recall getting to know about a crypto project from one of the Crypto influencers you struggle with on their YouTube live or tweet on Twitter? Many a time, right?

Here are diverse crypto influencers based on your budget and brand objectives.

1. Micro-crypto Influencers

Small-level crypto influencers are people with a low follower base but are highly active on their media. They used to deliver relevant crypto content about their project daily.

The content they developed can be posts, images, blogs, videos of crypto-based concepts and projects, a new NFT collection, or the trending news in the industry. The fewer size of these influencers’ supporters entitles to more excellent engagement rates with the community.

2. Crypto Bloggers And Portals

Blogging ensures an efficient and long-lasting way to do this. There are millions of people who read blog written by their influencers. Getting backlinks from influencers is a powerful force for your crypto project’s SEO and organic traffic.

Moreover, Influencer Blog posts provide significance to the readers by enlightening them with the penned piece about your project. Blog posts have a more elongated life span than social media posts.

3. Social Media Crypto Influencers

Social media influencers have played a monumental function in supporting the crypto community to flourish because they can construct a flash buzz for your brand among their faithful fanbase advancing your brand’s existence and extending the brand’s attention overnight.

4. Crypto KOLs

KOLs or Key Opinion Leaders are most persuasive in the Crypto space and can transform the market trend with their actions, whether online or offline.

A proper KOL marketing strategy can quickly improve your crypto brand cognition than conventional marketing. A brand gets an enormous growth in its image when these crypto KOLs endorses any crypto brand or just make a favorable comment.

Best Crypto Influencer Platforms

YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram are the most sought-after platforms for crypto influencer do their marketing activities. Depending on the target audience, budget, and nature of the project or product being promoted, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tiktok are also used.


For crypto influencers, Twitter is the most widespread platform, with some of the most well-known Twitter crypto influencers holding more than 100k followers.

Twitter can be used to advertise virtually everything cryptocurrency-related, and nearly half of the crypto enthusiasts follow the business they are interested in.


YouTube is a primary place for influencers who desire to create a significant online following since the site is home to 300 hours of video every minute.

Crypto influencers on YouTube, no doubt the most engaging platform, can provide tremendous exposure to projects looking to build a user base, attract investment, or spread their message.

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Telegram is accumulating global attention as a cryptocurrency marketing platform. Because of the tremendous number of cryptocurrency traders and investors that use Telegram for social and commercial purposes, this platform is the most adequate for dealing with investment opportunities and new coins.


Instagram is quickly earning endorsement among cryptocurrency firms, owing to its high user engagement and increasing user base, including many people with significant disposal wealth.

Over 70 percent of the most widespread hashtags utilized on the network are affiliated with an organization or company. Hence crypto influencers are also concentrating on Instagram.

Steps to create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Influencer marketing for crypto is effective due to the high level of trust that influencers have developed with the people they follow. Subsequently, their recommendations are proof of validation for your potential customers and the brands.

Influencers can have a significant influence on the ROI of a brand. Hiring an influencer is just the beginning of the process, and gradually it creates a good return for your project.

Campaign optimization is no ordinary task by any means. Make sure you know how to run a successful viral marketing campaign.

1. Identify your target audience.

Once you comprehend your goals and the type of influencer marketing plan you hope to operate, the subsequent action is to specify your target audience. Make an exertion to create a buyer persona split into segments based on psychographic and demographic characteristics.

Social media platforms are now furnished with sophisticated analytics tools and elements. With the help of social media, you can identify your target audience.

2. Find out the right influencer

It is crucial that the influencer you choose sustains your company’s values and has relevancy to your brand’s audience and message.

You should conduct an extensive study and check all the social media handles before approaching an influencer. Make sure they do not have a negative reputation online. The verisimilitude of influencers and their marketing initiatives are essential.

If you are a profound brand, there may be influencers who talk about your brand. They may have extensive knowledge of your project. Approaching such influencers can help you create more impact on the crypto community.

You can contact influencers through LinkedIn or their social media handles for sponsorship. For more extensive campaigns and partnerships, it is best to contact influencer marketing agencies.

In addition to helping you reach out to influencers, these agencies will also help you determine which influencer is most appropriate for your business and how they can maximize your return on investment.

In addition to helping you reach out to influencers, these agencies will also help you determine which influencer is most appropriate for your business and how they can maximize your return on investment.

6 steps to influencer marketing

3. Take stats into account.

Influencer marketing can be challenging in specific ways. Marketers should not dismiss influencers with a fewer number of a follower base. When picking an influencer, consider reaching a target group, engagement rates, and demographics of the audience.

Top Crypto influencers to Work with in 2022

Influencers provide content and information on multiple niches. When you check the influencers’ profiles, check out the following factors.

  • Most profitable trades made by them
  • Type of coins traded to aid diversification
  • Follower counts
  • Frequency of helpful tweets
  • Reply rate and engagement metrics

We have compiled a list of crypto trading influencers who provide daily cryptocurrency and risk updates to their followers.

Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin

Vitalik Buterin is also called the “Boy Genius” behind Ethereum. On Twitter, he shares views about crypto and blockchain. The contents and updates on Ethereum that Vitalik shared are valuable insights for followers.

Justin Sun @justinsuntron

Justin Sun is another crypto trading hero and founder of the brand Tronix. Justin is an entrepreneur and blockchain angel investor. He has over 233k followers on Instagram and 3.3M followers on Twitter.

Twitter post of Justin sun

Charlie Lee @SatoshiLite

Charlie Lee is the person behind the invention of Litecoin. He created Litecoin after Bitcoin’s discovery. Charlie Lee provides updates on the crypto market and Litecoin. His 1M Twitter followers admire him and are keen on his new posts.

Ben Armstrong @Bitboy_Crypto

A crypto influencer with a large following, Ben Armstrong is also known as one of the most respected individuals in the crypto arena. Ben is an American crypto aficionado with a huge follower base on Twitter and Instagram. He is primarily active on Discord also.

He has 2.7 million followers on TikTok, 434K followers on Instagram, 1.48 million subscribers on YouTube, and 808k on Twitter.

Roger Ver @rogerkver

Roger Ver, known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” is a well-known crypto influencer and one of the earliest advocates of Bitcoin. He is known for his immense expertise and knowledge of various currencies and shares. Furthermore, Roger makes his fans cognizant of any prospective risk with a suggestion of sophisticated understanding now and then.

Twitter post of Roger Ver

Influencer Marketing Performance Metrics

Based on the MediaKix survey, most brands (19%) expend between $1,001 and $10,000 per year on their influencer marketing plan. A negligibly smaller proportion (18%) spends between $100,001 and $500,000 annually on influencer marketing.

The fact is that 89% of brands accept return on investment (ROI) for influencer marketing is equivalent to or more satisfactory than that of other avenues, which indicates that functioning with experienced crypto influencers is a no-brainer. You ought to review the performance metrics to determine the outcomes. Here is a checklist.

  • The number of followers/subscribers.

The number of followers and subscribers applies to all social media platforms. A CRM that follows lead origination and enables you to understand the traffic source. CRM also helps you to track subscribers.

  • The revenue and conversions

You can follow the number of sales by requesting opinion leaders to utilize unique promo codes or custom URLs. Keep in mind that the path to purchase is not an easy task. So, strategize all your activities based on that.

  • Page views and impressions

Page views and impressions are beneficial for newly launched products and services. You can efficiently calculate impressions through the insights dashboard or platform analytics.

  • Engagement in social media posts

Engagement includes likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs. Also, Find out Earned media value (EMV) influencers generate impressions worth a dollar amount.

  • Track key KPIs

If your objective is to raise awareness of your project, you can keep track of page views and impressions. You can measure potential buyers by creating a list or counting the concluded sales e-mails.

Future of Influencer Marketing in the Crypto World

Crypto Influencer marketing strategy is comparatively much more expensive than paid advertising. It is because of the confidence factor that influencers make in your brand. Brands are anticipated to spend around $15 billion on their influencer marketing efforts in 2022. thanks to the inrush of new influencer marketing companies established recently.

crypto is finding best marketing ways to boost sales

Furthermore, research on the subject has indicated that most marketing groups identified the ROI from influencer marketing as higher than that of other online growth methods. Here is the top expectation about influencers in 2022.

  • Long-Term Association With Crypto Influencers

Crypto brands will invest in a long-term relationship with influencers in upcoming years. The influencer’s hand is necessary to build a robust connection with the target community.

When a social media influencer speaks about your brand, it will inherently build more brand connections and empower brand image. The long-term marketing associations of crypto projects with influencers will help build strong brand loyalty and a decisive recall factor for the project.

  • Leverage the Advantages of Crypto Influencers

Micro-influencers provide the most value for crypto projects due to their solid reach and high engagement rates. Therefore, more crypto projects will seek the help of micro-influencers in the future.

Since their audiences are more active and likely to act, micro crypto influencers will have a more considerable impact in 2022.

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  • Budget For Influencer Marketing

Crypto trademarks will start consolidating the expenditure on crypto influencers which will always be incorporated into their marketing funding. Brands realize this tremendous marketing possibility and thus are ready to divest millions for influencers to promote their brand.
Mainstreaming of Metaverse

Massive investment for the metaverse project will make it mainstream in many ways. In 2022, we could see the increased numbers of crypto brands deploying technologies like AR/VR along with the crypto influencers to market these metaverse projects.

  • Live Stream Of Crypto Influencers

In 2022, crypto influencers are all set to create live streaming, one of the most recognized and widely utilized marketing tools. A crypto influencer wrapping your crypto project on a live stream and an audience eyeing it in real-time enables more valuable associations between the community and the target audience.

A word From Blockwiz

In your cryptocurrency efforts, you should never underrate the influencers who can support raising your campaign to an untried level. Influencer marketing has far greater ROI than traditional marketing troops for any crypto project.

Contact us for influencer marketing in cryptocurrency has proven to be one of the most powerful marketing strategies for the crypto market. For crypto’s latest influencer marketing strategies, reach out to our Blockwiz experts to stay on top of your competitors. Get a tailored list of crypto influencers and a marketing strategy based on your brand objective to master the game.