Best Crypto Influencer Marketing Tools

Best Crypto Influencer Marketing Tools for 2024

In modern marketing, there is a tool or software for almost everything. Similarly, crypto marketers are actively using crypto influencer marketing tools to ease their hefty work of finding good and engaging influencers for their marketing campaigns.

Let’s talk about this in detail.

Influencers in cryptocurrency industries have the power to impact the value of a coin depending on their recommendations.

Influencers upload content that captures the interest of their followers. People who have an interest in crypto or related niche and seek information in these areas will attract by the influencer content, in turn to your website or project

However, finding the right influencer for your crypto or blockchain project isn’t a walk in the park. You’d require a great amount of research based on many factors.

This is where top influencer marketing tools for crypto projects come into play. These tools can help you find the right influencers for your project.

Agencies like Blockwiz, which offers full-stack crypto marketing services, help crypto brands connect with top-notch crypto influencers for their project and have successfully run data-driven influencer campaigns.

Let’s read about the top influencer marketing tools for crypto projects.

Importance of Crypto Influencer Marketing Tools

Since its inception, influencer marketing has seen a significant transformation. It is much more than just a trendy phrase.

If brands want to get the most out of their crypto influencer marketing plan, they must examine it in detail. Influencer marketing tools allow you to do that.

Here are the ways how crypto influencer marketing helps you:

1. Determine your brand’s presence

An influencer marketing tool is not only for discovering crypto influencers but also for evaluating a variety of indicators that may be used to measure your brand’s social media presence and effectiveness. The measurements will assist you in determining whether your marketing strategy is beneficial to your company’s growth or not.

2. Develop successful content strategies

Keeping your audience engaged with your brand on social media platforms takes time and effort. You may have done an excellent job of crafting your content, but that does not ensure success. With the help of crypto influencer tools, you can gain insight into what is happening in the market and what information is relevant for your target audiences.

3. Identify the brand’s weak areas

Along with providing information on the set goals of your marketing strategy, influencer marketing tools may also assist you in identifying weak points in your overall existing strategy and campaigns.

You can track the campaign’s analytics on engagement and interactions to know what content and which influencer works best for your brand.

4. Updated competitors’ information

Certain influencer marketing tools provide options for competitor analysis to understand and compare how well the competitor brand performs compared to your brand.

5. Easier selection of reliable influencers

The process of manually identifying crypto influencers is not only time-consuming but unreliable as well. Influencer marketing tools allow you to find influencers that are a good fit for your company’s marketing plan.

Tips for Choosing Right Influencer Marketing Tools

With the increased demand for influencer marketing, a slew of influencer marketing tools and services have flooded the market, making it difficult to keep up.

The majority of these instruments have unique characteristics. However, brands frequently need help selecting the most appropriate tools or services.

While some tools are limited to assisting you in uncovering influencers for your campaigns, others provide you with in-depth analysis and reports. It all depends on your project’s requirements.

Here are a few questions to consider when selecting the most appropriate influencer tools.

  • Check if the crypto influencer tool has all the necessary features you need.
  • Consider if the tool offers additional functionality beyond just a list of influencers. For example, analytics and customizable reports can be useful.
  • Ensure that the tool is comprehensive enough to handle tasks of moderate complexity rather than needing to use multiple separate tools.

Top Influencer Marketing Tools for Crypto

In this blog, we’ll look at the seven most effective influencer marketing tools to help you locate appropriate crypto influencers, form partnerships with them, and launch an effective crypto marketing campaign.

1. Post for Rent

Post for Rent provides a range of tools for your marketing campaign, including influencer discovery, final reports, and event planning suggestions. You can easily filter, search, select, and export influencer data from a large pool of trusted brand ambassadors. The app also allows you to estimate the performance of your chosen influencers by providing a summary of their audience demographics.

Brands looking for top crypto influencers will see these star ratings in their search results, and they will be able to click on their profiles to read reviews posted by other brands.

On the other hand, influencers see ratings for brands, which may influence their willingness to collaborate with the company. While a project is searching for influencers for their upcoming campaigns, they must post a brief about the aim and goals of the campaign

The process’s most monotonous and time-consuming aspects, such as locating and managing influencers and their content, combing through profiles and data, and researching audiences, are made simple and easy by a user-friendly interface.

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool that can be used for crypto influencer marketing by helping you identify popular and influential content and the people who create and share it. Some of the features of BuzzSumo that may be useful for influencer marketing include:

  1. Crypto Influencer search: You can search for crypto influencers in your industry or topic of interest by using keywords, social media handles, or websites.
  1. Social share counts: You can see how many times an article or piece of content has been shared on social media platforms, which can help you gauge its popularity and reach.
  1. Link analysis: You can see who has linked to a particular piece of content, which can help you identify influencers who are interested in or have written about similar topics.
  1. Content analysis: You can see what types of content perform well in terms of social shares and engagement, which can help you create more effective content for your crypto marketing campaigns.

Overall, BuzzSumo can be a useful tool for identifying and analyzing popular content and influencers in order to develop more effective influencer marketing campaigns.

3. Awario

Awario is a research tool that can be used to find cryptocurrency influencers in your niche. It offers features such as an influencer report for a given keyword, data on marketing campaigns, and the ability to track your competitors’ crypto brands.

Awario’s ranking capabilities allow you to identify the most relevant crypto influencers based on their reach, number of followers, and engagement rate, which can help your cryptocurrency brand’s influencer marketing efforts be more targeted and effective.


Compared to many other crypto influencer platforms, has a unique approach that combines social networking with traditional influencer marketing tools. This allows brands to build real and long-term relationships with influencers, which is crucial for the success of influencer marketing.

In addition, the social component of enhances the platform’s overall sophistication and helps brands connect with influencers who are likely to be the most effective partners.

While the social aspect of does not replace discovery and activation, it works alongside these features to provide a comprehensive solution for influencer marketing in the crypto industry.

5. AspireIQ

AspireIQ is a marketing platform that focuses on advocacy and believes that communities are the most powerful influencers. The platform defines a community as a group of people who share similar values and passion for a brand beyond its products or services, including customers, creatives, professionals, experts, workers, and brand representatives.

AspireIQ offers a workflow that helps brands streamline their campaigns and connect with influencers, with the goal of turning every relationship into something valuable.

The platform offers an automated, step-by-step process that can be customized to meet the needs of each campaign, including connection, product fulfillment, content approval, and tracking. AspireIQ claims that its platform allows brands to reach hundreds of influencers if desired.

6. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a tool that can be used by businesses in the cryptocurrency industry to identify and connect with potential influencers for their marketing campaigns. The platform offers access to millions of Instagram, Twitter, and blogging influencers, on Instagram, Twitter, and social media platforms.

By using NinjaOutreach, businesses can search for cryptocurrency influencers using keywords and receive a list of potential influencers, along with information about their name, location, social media following, SEO statistics, traffic, and engagement data. This can be an effective way for businesses to identify and reach out to the right influencers for their marketing efforts.

7. Tagger Media

Tagger Media is not your typical discover-and-deploy marketing solution; instead, it serves a far more important purpose in the marketing world. It is a platform that helps businesses conduct successful crypto influencer campaigns. It offers various features such as Research & Discover, Creator Profile Discovery, and Campaign Management, among others.

Tagger Media has a large database of over a billion data points linked to more than six million influencers on social media. This data is obtained through exclusive relationships with leading social media platforms, providing businesses with information that would otherwise be inaccessible to the public.

Tagger Media is not just a marketing tool but a social data hub that can provide valuable insights to crypto businesses through its vast amount of interconnected data.

Why Do Crypto Brands Need To Track The Campaign KPIs?

The data shows that it has cost more than 1 billion dollars to the brands because of the fake followers of the influencers.

There is no point in shedding thousands of dollars for bot-generated engagements. Crypto brands need to track the campaign KPIs to have a precise idea about the performance of the campaigns on their key benchmarks.

The most critical aspect here is defining a clear goal that the brand wants to achieve; defining goal-oriented KPIs is a must. Tracking the campaign with a set of KPIs will eventually lead you to achieve the marketing goal much more quickly.

The popular key performance indexes for any crypto influencer campaigns are- the rate of engagement, reach, and leads. Crypto brands realize success just by tracking these matrices and acting upon them.

Thus it’s very critical to follow and track these matrices for the crypto campaigns to impart the maximum intended impact within the community.

Let us look into some popular crypto influencer marketing KPIs that one needs to consider, along with some tips and tricks to improve performance by leveraging these data.

1. Community Reach

Community reach is the critical factor on which the performance of a number of KPIs depends. The number of individuals who see our content shared by the crypto influencer. Owing to the dependence of many variables on community reach, it ultimately becomes one of the most important KPIs.

The most effective way to measure the community’s reach and the influencers’ effectiveness is by looking at the number of followers and then observing the reach percentage of the influencer’s recent posts.

We must also remember that it’s not easy to quantify the direct benefit of the reach. This situation becomes more precarious because some percent of the audience will be fake or inactive users.

2. Rate of Engagement

Engagement gives a better idea about any crypto influencer marketing campaign’s performance than reach. The quantifiable impact here is visible.

The most common metrics to consider while measuring the campaign engagement rate are the number of likes, reactions, comments, shares, retweets, and the mention of the crypto brand using hashtags or even in general conversations.

The engagement rate and other metrics allow the brands to make data-driven, informed decisions.

3. Crypto Brand Awareness

Tracking engagement, reach, and impressions of the crypto influencer’s content become very important when the ultimate goal is to increase and spread brand awareness. The brands need to track the brand mentions generated by the influencer’s shared content.

Let us look into how we can track the variables mentioned above to make the campaign even more impactful.

🔹Brand Mention

There are several intelligent and strategic ways to incorporate your brand mention and increase it with the crypto influencer’s content. Hashtags are one of the most popular and impactful way.

Branded hashtags are easy to track; a crypto brand can use the brand name, slogan, or tagline as a hashtag. It is a practical approach to gathering data about the audience and making us aware of the folks excited about the project or the protocol.

🔹Followers Count

The increase in the number of followers can indicate the success of a marketing campaign. It’s important for a crypto brand to track the source of this increase and analyze whether it aligns with the brand’s goals and values.

In cases where the reason for the increase is not the campaign, such as a viral tweet or mention in a news article, the brand should identify the true cause. To measure the impact of the campaign on the audience, the brand should also track the engagement of newly gained followers, including likes, comments, and shares.

By analyzing this data, the brand can optimize its marketing strategy and improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. Therefore, tracking the increase in followers and their engagement is crucial.

4. Web Traffic

Keeping a close eye on the web traffic during the crypto influencer campaign should be the standard practice for every brand, as this is where most intended conversions occur.

The web traffic will reveal the new audience and the brand’s size with the influencer campaign. A sudden spike in web traffic is the instant indicator that the campaign is effective.

Several tools are available to track web traffic, but Google Analytics is the most preferred among crypto marketers.

It gives a clear and detailed insight into the number of people visiting the website, the source of their origin, how much time they spent on the website, which page has the maximum traffic, and numerous other detailed analyses.

5. Role of Affiliate Link

The affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID or username. Influencers provide affiliate links to their audiences to visit the website or buy the service. Calculating how many new people visited the website/ purchased the service is a practical method of tracking the effectiveness of the influencer campaign

This is the most efficient and straightforward way to track the effectiveness of the influencer campaign. These trackable links present a clear picture of the performance of the campaign. It has been used extensively by every marketer and influencer.

On Final Note:

Identifying top influencers in your niche is crucial for the success of your influencer marketing strategy. These influencers should have a strong following within your target audience and be able to increase trust and credibility for your project.

Conducting a preliminary study and utilizing influencer marketing tools can help you find the right influencers, but partnering with a trusted agency like Blockwiz can also make the process easier and more cost-effective.

Blockwiz is a global crypto marketing agency that helps you connect with verified and trusted crypto influencers at the most reasonable budget. Connect with Blockwiz experts now to align with top crypto influencers.

Ultimately, the goal is to connect with reputable influencers to promote your project and effectively reach your target audience.