Navigating Media Landscape: Top Crypto PR Agencies in 2024

Web3 projects, also known as decentralized or blockchain-based projects, can greatly benefit from PR campaigns for several reasons. PR campaigns driven by top crypto PR agencies can play a crucial role in helping them to establish a brand presence, build trust and credibility.

In the long run, increasing media visibility and exposure can attract new investors, partners, and users. It also helps projects position themselves as blockchain and crypto industry leaders. A PR campaign’s media coverage aids in boosting the project’s reputation and persuading the target audience.

Crypto projects are getting into PR to boost their public image and reputation. However, digital PR is vital since the crypto space has zero dependence on traditional PR techniques. A successful campaign requires a well-executed strategy. You can hire a good crypto PR agency to achieve your PR goals.

This blog will discuss the top crypto PR agencies, the importance of crypto PR firms, and some techniques to execute an effective PR campaign. So, let’s get started.

How does PR matter in Web3 Sector?

Crypto PR is used for making announcements, official statements, or sharing your opinion about the different aspects of the crypto and blockchain industry.

However, there are still specific objectives like reaching out to new audiences, boosting sales, building a positive relationship with the target audience, etc. Therefore, planning a campaign around a specific goal is essential.

Imagine you are adding a new sidechain or upgrading your existing consensus. The best way to announce it to the public is through PR media. Even if your community is doing something new or you have achieved the yearly roadmap successfully, you can inform the Web3 community through a well-curated PR.

essential steps to crafting a winning PR strategy

Here are a few situations where a web3 project may release PR:

  • Product launch: A PR campaign can help create buzz and attract users when launching a new product or service.
  • Funding rounds: When a Web3 project completes a funding round, a PR campaign can help attract new investors and increase the project’s visibility.
  • Partnerships: When a Web3 project forms a partnership with another organization, a PR campaign can highlight the benefits of the partnership and increase the project’s credibility.
  • Community building: A PR campaign can be used to build and engage with a community of users and supporters.
  • Token sale: When conducting a token sale, a PR campaign can support attracting investors and increase awareness of the project.
  • Technical updates: When a web3 project releases a new feature or update, a PR campaign can assist in informing users and attracting developers to the project.
  • Conference or event: If a web3 project is attending or sponsoring a conference or event, a PR campaign can support increasing visibility and attracting attendees to the project’s booth or presentation.
  • Market research: When a web3 project releases a market research report, a PR campaign can attract media attention and promote the project’s insights.
  • Compliance and regulation updates: When a web3 project updates its compliance or regulatory framework, a PR campaign can ensure that the project is seen as compliant and trustworthy.

The activities mentioned above can be molded according to what you want from your campaign. Apart from that, a timeline for achieving your goals should further streamline your campaign and make it easier for you to achieve them.

Top 6 Benefits of Press Releases

Crypto PR can be significant in the emerging Web3 competition because it can help projects gain a competitive edge by

  • Building a strong reputation: Crypto PR can help Web3 projects establish a strong reputation and build trust with potential investors, partners, and users.
  • Differentiating from competitors: Help Web3 projects differentiate by highlighting their unique features and advantages.
  • Generating media coverage: Assist in generating positive media coverage for Web3 projects, which can help them reach new audiences and attract potential investors and partners.
  • Influencing industry thought leaders: Crypto PR can help Web3 projects influence industry thought leaders and establish themselves as leaders in the space.
  • Creating a community: Crypto PR can aid in creating a community around the project and keep them informed about the project’s developments, which can help maintain engagement and loyalty.
benefits of releasing crypto PR

Best Crypto PR Techniques

Having learned the fundamentals of crypto and blockchain PR, let’s look at some tips for executing your PR campaign effectively.

Community Management

A community of your target audience is the best place to start building trust. If your community members feel engaged and acknowledged, they are more likely to spread the good word about your project.

To boost engagement, you can share your crypto PR content, like influencer videos, press releases, brand mentions, etc, in your community.

Making Use of Performance Metrics

Just like the KPIs mentioned above, there are several other metrics that you can track to manage your PR campaign better. Parameters like brand awareness, SEO effectiveness, and website traffic can help you get a better perspective on your PR efforts. Also, you can further enhance your tactics based on the data you get from these metrics. For instance,  while website traffic may not seem vital, it can offer insight into how much traffic your PR content is attracting.

In the same way, you can track the performance of your PR content’s keywords and backlinks. Moreover, if prominent news outlets and media houses start talking about your project, you know your crypto PR efforts are paying off.

Providing Actual Value Without Being Self-Promotional

The main difference between PR and marketing campaigns is that you explicitly need not sell your crypto project in the former. However, it is easy to lose track of your PR campaign goal to boost sales in the first place. The idea here is to stay true to the main objective of PR, which is to increase trust and credibility.

You can do this by providing all the essential information your target audience needs about your crypto project.

Also, avoid highlighting your offerings as the best in the industry and educate your audience on how they are different and beneficial for them. Providing value to your target audience without being overly self-promotional will help you achieve your PR campaign objectives.

Using SEO as a Tool

Since you will be keeping tabs on the SEO effectiveness of your PR content, you could use SEO as a tool to enhance your brand visibility and awareness.

The idea here is to identify and resolve the queries of your target audience with your PR content.

Keeping Tabs on Crypto PR Campaign Costs

When allocating a budget for PR, closely monitoring your campaigns’ return on investment is imperative.

It is essential to clearly define objectives, accurately track key performance indicators, and adhere to a predetermined timeline to achieve optimal results.

If the ROI from your crypto PR campaigns falls significantly short of the associated expenses, it may be necessary to re-evaluate and adjust the existing strategy.

How do Crypto PR Firms Help in Brand Building?

The tremendous growth of the crypto and blockchain industry has brought DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, and many more new technologies and services into the crypto world.

To direct the mainstream media’s attention to the target audience, articles published on cryptocurrency and related topics must be eye-catching. A PR agency aids in creating an attractive PR article. Now let us take a look at how hiring a PR company will be beneficial for you.

Assist you to Prioritize your Goals

A brand can utilize PR for ICO, NFT airdrop, fork, service upgrades, and new crypto product launches. An agency helps you keep your brand’s competitive edge on the right side by prioritizing the crypto PR goals.

Determining Your Target Audience

You may need help to define and find out the target audience with a new offering. But remember, reaching your unique offering to the target is the pillar of success.

Crypto PR firms understand their target audience and how to reach them through crypto PR campaigns.

Selecting the Suitable Channels and Time

PR can be published on crypto news websites, or main news media. When you try to post a PR in-house, you may need help locating suitable channels and media houses to spread your word.

Besides, when you hire an agency, they will already know where and when to publish and whom to reach out. Hence, you can save a lot of time creating a network for your crypto PR campaign.

Creating an Interesting Press Release

Writing a press release that makes the audience come to your website is a skilled task. Knowing what to include and how to create a call to action is essential since most media platforms won’t even mention your official website.

It would be best if you conveyed your offering convincingly to the target audience in a non-salesy manner to make them visit your website. The article should also be informative, clear, and grammatically sound. It should include your major announcement, date, time, and contact details.

Crypto and Blockchain PR agencies have professional content creators with immense experience curating press releases. Expert writing can add more value to the press release.

Network Building and Distribution

Building a crypto-journalist network is an arduous task that takes time and effort. Brands that have invested in crypto PR services already have networks with crypto PR media sites and major news websites.

Furthermore, it is time-consuming for brands to reach out to the exact media for press release listing. But experience gained over various crypto PR campaigns benefits crypto PR services to reach out to them in no time.

Evaluating the Performance

Every crypto PR strategy is complete with evaluating the performance. Making a report is a challenging task. When you hire a crypto PR service provider, they provide you with PR performance metrics.

The performance metrics help you understand the reach, website visits, and target audience response. It will help you in your next step of your action plan to boost reach and sales.

Checklists to Hire a PR Agency

When hiring a crypto PR agency, there are several important things to consider:

  • Experience: Look for an agency with a proven track record of successfully promoting crypto and blockchain projects.
  • Network: Check if the agency has a wide range of contacts within the crypto industry, including media outlets, influencers, and other industry leaders.
  • Mapping and goal setting: Check if the agency has a clear understanding of your goals, target audience, and how they plan to achieve them.
  • Communication and reporting: Ensure the agency you hire has a good track record of communication and reporting to its clients.
  • Reference: Ask for references and testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of the agency’s work and reputation
  • Cost: Carefully consider the cost of the agency’s services and make sure they fit within your budget.
  • Transparency: Look for an open and transparent agency about its approach, strategies, and clients.
  • Knowledge of the market: Make sure the agency deeply understands the crypto market, including current trends and regulations.

Top Crypto PR Agencies

There are numerous crypto PR firms competing in the market helping brands reach their target audiences.

Let’s learn more about the top cryptocurrency PR agencies that are household names in the crypto world.


Blockwiz is a global crypto marketing agency specializing in PR services. It has a proven track record of creating and distributing influential PR campaigns for crypto brands. It creates engaging press releases and has a vast distribution system in place.

Blockwiz provides end-to-end support for a successful PR launch. The brand is associated with more than 15 plus top media houses worldwide that include Cointelegraph,, Benzinga, and more to provide world-class crypto PR solutions.

With 350+ clients, Blockwiz has already executed over 800 successful data-driven campaigns. Blockwiz’s marketers are obsessed with strategy and help its clients achieve comprehensive growth across channels.

The team shares a detailed performance metrics dashboard at the end of every campaign. It gives a complete understanding of PR campaign’s success through data.


MarketAcross is a crypto marketing agency that has created ties with journalists from prominent newspapers, influential bloggers, web admins, and editors of small scale blogs, all of whom are willing to collaborate.

Furthermore, it has collaborated with some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency related media companies, including BitTorrent, NEO, and Simplex.


SlicedBrand may be familiar to you because it is a worldwide public relations firm with an award-winning staff that specializes in technology-driven PR campaigns. Consequently, you can be confident that the firm will deliver results as per your needs.

The team thoroughly understands the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, and its core staff has worked in the industry for several years. To build a link between businesses, media, and their readers, SlicedBrand promotes a strategic narrative strategy.

Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing provides services to both cryptocurrency and non-crypto companies alike. Regarding blockchain-related projects, Foxtail Marketing can handle practically all operational requirements and provide a wide range of marketing services, such as press releases, social media management, and content marketing.


CryNet is another full-service marketing agency with a long history of successfully managing public relations projects. Located in the Czech Republic, they have partnered with firms such as The Divi Project, HOQU, Earth Token, PlayKey, and BetterBetting to develop innovative solutions.

The company takes pride in developing authentic ways to engage with its audience rather than relying on standard advertising approaches. Finally, according to reports, CryNet has collaborated with over 400 companies.

quick tactics to hire a crypto PR agency

FINN Partners

The team behind FINN Partners has not only built one of the most successful cryptocurrency public relations companies in the world, but they have also placed a strong emphasis on human element.

Clients of FINN Partners benefit from an ideal experience, process, and outcome as a result of this development. Advertising, brand planning, corporate communications, influencer marketing, public affairs, and other services are provided by FINN Partners, among other things.

Additionally, the team possesses knowledge in a variety of sectors, including technology, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, among other things.

Melrose PR

Melrose is a public relations firm dedicated to various cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. It assists corporations in launching product releases by offering them coverages across publications in either interviews or other forms..

Among the services it provides are sponsored content creation, social media planning, and brand awareness improvement.

Single Grain

Single Grain is a top crypto PR firm focusing on creating good public relations for brands. It has clients worldwide and works with a good history of creating public relations for crypto brands.


Coinpresso is a crypto marketing brand that offers various services in the crypto and blockchain industry. The experienced Coinpresso team will distribute your PR article with front-line media. It also provides writing services. You can opt out of the services based on your interest.


CryptoPR is a global cryptocurrency marketing brand engaged in public relations services for crypto projects. It offers content marketing, press release services, and social media marketing for brands. Based on your budget and requirement, you can choose the services.

Wrapping Up

PR is the bridge between the crypto brand and its target audience. The Crypto space is evolving with new projects in the area. The overwhelming response has created colossal competition among crypto initiatives.

Reaching the audience is the only way to excel in the business. You must ensure that your project and its services have potential customers convinced to convert them into leads.

The ultimate aim of every new project is to increase its ROI. So, consistent PR efforts are necessary to generate leads, sales, and profit.

Finding the finest crypto PR services that provide top-notch service while having established contact with top media outlets is critical for new companies venturing into the crypto sphere.

Renowned cryptocurrency PR agencies such as Blockwiz can help scale your project to the moon with its wide range of services and marketing arsenal.

A crypto PR agency must provide a wide range of services while reaching the appropriate target groups. Connect with a Blockwiz professional to efficiently discuss your business needs to attain your goals.