Fashion League
31x Growth via KOL and PR Campaigns

The Fashion League requested inorganic growth of minimum 5K new users on Discord and a minimum of 200% growth on Telegram.


Using quick analytical tools, strategic campaign ideas and in-house experts at our disposal, Blockwiz could deliver extensive results by running successful paid campaigns within 6 weeks.

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Introduction to the Project



As a pioneer blockchain-based fashion shop simulation game, Fashion league offers users a play-for-free and play-to-earn opportunity. 


The game leverages several unique characteristics to be the "Fashion Game of Web3."




The main USP of Fashion League is that the Web3 play-to-earn gaming ecosystem is integrated specifically for WOMEN.


They have created a space that bridges the gap between fashion and the metaverse. Now you can be a digital fashion designer and an NFT creator simultaneously.


Fashion League excels in the strategic collaboration of gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and brands that come together to build entirely captivating and fascinating gameplay.

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Our KPIs

Brand Awareness

To spread awareness about the game and establish it as the pioneer in Web3 women-centric gaming and achieve at least 5k Twitter followers.


Community Growth

To increase the user count and ensure the buzz about the project is maintained. A minimal following of 5k was requested for Discord.


High Engagement

To organize campaigns to kick-start the socials and community engagement. For starters, an engagement rate of 15% was proposed.



Being a nascent project, the client lacked a comprehensive marketing plan. Blockwiz provided the expertise to help the client establish a strong presence in Web3. Here are the challenges that the client faced:


Social Presence


One of the key metrics to achieve was at least 200% growth on all of their social media within 2 months. The monthly growth rate of 20% was to be maintained.

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Community Building and User Engagement

Social media accounts with minimal following are more challenging as you have to build the community from the ground up. Also, building a strong interactive and engaging community within a short period was a hardship.




Our Approach


The goal of the marketing plan was executed by implementing a 
systematically funnelled strategy. The following is how we led the 
project's success and achieved exceptional results.

Top Funnel


  • Developing a whitelisting tier-level approach to increase the user base.
  • Promotional activities and campaigns to increase user engagement and ensure user retention.
  • Dedicated campaigns scheduled every week to increase the user base by 1000 members on every platform.


Community Building and Engagement

  • Selecting relevant KOLs and reaching out to them with high-quality content to achieve maximum output- Impressions and ER.
  • Hosting informative sessions such as Twitter spaces in collaboration with famous KOLs. These sessions were also utilized to address the concerns of the community.
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Middle Funnel




Identifying female-centric projects in Web3 for strategic collaboration. Since web3 is a tight knit community, it's better to collaborate with other players in the industry to reach a wider audience.


“We identified the most cost-effective audience segments and developed messaging and design specifically to target them. Using our best-of-tech methodology, we optimized the campaigns and achieved exceptional results.”

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“This kind of growth wasn't possible without Blockwiz. They don't feel like a marketing agency; they are more like our extended team who brainstorm with us at every level and come up with the best solution possible.”


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