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Adaswap requested a strategic approach to build on their standing in the crypto landscape before their IDO LAUNCH in just 30 days.

Using data mapping and detailed CPI analysis, Blockwiz helped Adaswap with their successful IDO launch.

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Introduction to the Project



AdaSwap is a decentralized exchange that aims to help the Cardano ecosystem flourish and thrive. Their main goal is to develop tools for creators and users and bring high-yield staking pools and NFT content through our launchpads and marketplaces.



The ultimate Cardano-Powered Exchange is backed by global leaders in the industry like Stardust, Finova Capital, Market Across, and many more.


Not to mention, Gal Gadot endorsed the Adaswap project, which had an overwhelming response from the community members.


They have created a platform where you can trade, swap and bridge Cardano-based tokens at lightning speed.

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Our KPIs

Successful IDO Launch

We had a strict deadline for the IDO Launch and we had to come with quick strategies which will bring more followers and create more engaging content for their launch.

With just 30 days to create strategies and execute them, we had to be very mindful about the timeline and what we can do to achieve the best results for Adaswap.

Proper project awareness

For a successful IDO launch, we had to build hype around the brand which would bring new followers for the project. Using data-driven techniques we lay out a comprehensive plan for Twitter on how to target the right audience in just 30 days. 


Strict Timeline

One of the major challenges we faced was the strict timeline of 30 days. We have limited time to choose the right PR house and get published.

Tackling FUD

Any case of FUD can be lethal for any upcoming project. Competitors spread FUD, which resulted in harming the credibility of the project and started affecting the IDO launch.

Low Brand Credibility

Brand identity took a beating due to the loss of a partnership. One of their significant challenges was to increase brand credibility in the market. 

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Top Funnel

Selecting the right PR house

The first step we had to take was to decide which PR house would be appropriate for the press release. A lot of factors are in play when choosing the right PR house for your project's announcement.

Since Adaswap was ready for their IDO launch, they were looking for a PR house which would give them the maximum exposure before launch and help reach a wider audience. 

Middle Funnel

Drafting the content


Once the platform was picked which would help reach a wider audience, we started drafting the content for the press release. The guidelines or the requirements were stated by the client and they needed the PR to be executed correctly and with the right tonality.


Bottom Funnel

Cross-Platform Sharing


Once the Press release is posted on the platform of the client’s choosing, we then share the same press release across different social media channels to help reach a wider audience and create a buzz around the project.

Goals Achieved

Metrics at a Glance

Client Testimonial

“We had time constraints and faced many issues due to the FUD creation around our protocol and removed partnership updates, but Blockwiz handled everything cautiously. We didn't have to worry about the execution aspect since the blockwiz team was all aligned and was taking care of the success metrics, even on weekends. We shall recommend this to others because with our previous experience from other marketing agencies, blockwiz surely out-performed and out-did themselves.”

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