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Creating Powerful Designs for Web3 Projects

We work with project owners to create designs that engage and retain their audiences. We aim to tell the brand's story visually and create an organic brand recall with our designs.
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Our Web3 Desgin Services That Clients Love

User-friendly UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX designs are strategically designed to create a transformative user experience across all platforms. Each Design is unique, and we ensure the best quality and user experience.

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Engaging Social Media Creatives

We create posts that capture attention that is Pin-worthy. Build & nurture an organic community, aiming to convert them into leads with a compelling call to action.

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Banner Creation for Telegram and Discord

We offer premium quality banners for Telegram and Discord that are Tailored to your target audience. We match your brand's aesthetic to engage and retain your web3 communities on telegram and Discord.

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Email Marketing Designs

We create attractive email designs to engage and interact with your community and work on various types of Email marketing campaigns such as Newsletters, Pitch emails etc.

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Pitch Deck Design

Our Pitch decks are well-strategized, funneled, and tailor-made to catch the eye of your web3 investors. Our decks are up-to-date with the Web3 and crypto trends and are time sensitive to ensure your investor-attracting goals are met.

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Branding and Rebranding Designs

We create engaging brand narratives and identities that focus on representing brand vision stories to build a more significant brand recall.


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A Powerful Web3 Design Strategy That Works

Identifying Brand Goals

Intention of every user is to complete the tasks seamlessly. Our design experts identify the website's main tasks: sign-ups, filling forms, booking meetings, and joining communities. Based on the priority, we design the interface in the most compelling way to bring back the user.


Researching the Problem

After identifying the brand goals, we audit the client's website and graphics to understand where they lack customer attention and where we can improve their performance through designs.


Developing a Design Plan

Based on the brand objectives and requirements, we develop a design plan and the schedule for delivering the creatives. The perfect mix of creatives in different platforms will ensure better brand visibility and boost brand image among the target audience.


Prototyping and Testing

Based on the plan, we develop a design prototype for the client and test it in front of them. We further proceed with implementing our new designs.


Delivering on Time

We understand how time matters in Web3 marketing. Our experts will deliver all the creative pieces on time without any delay. We develop a design calendar, and you track your design progress based on that. We keep you in the loop to have complete control over your brand creatives.


Our Media Partners

A Global Design Brand that Comprehends the Colors of Web3

A Results-Driven Team of Web3 Design Experts

We are one of the most prominent Web3 designers globally with years of experience assisting brands in succeeding in the volatile crypto and Web3 niche. We deliver responsive design pieces within your time frame. To combine the finest for your project, our professional excellence is outfitted with the cutting-edge design technology and tools available.

Team of Award winning web3 arketing agency

Customers Adore Collaborating With Us

P_D Advisory1.png
Simon Fletcher
Aleksandr Agapitov
Karin Broennimann
Kieren Brumbly
We set a 40% increase in growth target at the end of the quarter. However, the strategic planning of Blockwiz helped us reach our target much earlier than expected. Looking forward to working with you guys again!
Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher

CBDO, Megaverse

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* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.
* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.
A Teaser Video We Created For Our Client GameStar Exchange

How Did We Blend the Perfect Graphics to Become the Best in the Web3 Market?

  • Design plays a crucial role in showing your project to the target audience. A compelling creative will do half of the work to attract traffic to the Website.


  • The primary goal of our UI/UX design is to reduce customer frustration while scrolling through your website. 


  • Every fold is designed and arranged based on the business objectives. We avoid unnecessary elements and animations that confuse the user and cause them to leave the site.


  • You need to scale your design to bring traffic to your website with outstanding designs. That's what we do for you through our top-notch design strategy.


  • The expert Web3 designers at Blockwiz help you generate accelerated turnarounds. We ensure social media creatives are engaging and follow your brand guidelines.

Our 3 Funnel System For All Web3 Projects

Top Funnel (TOFU)

To establish a personal connection with customers, we strongly emphasize brand identification. We communicate with the client to understand how the product solves a problem. It allows us to identify the design requirements.

a example of web3 top funnel

Middle Funnel (MOFU)

Users are urged to ask about products, and we target the highest 50% of consumers in TOF for brand recall to separate prospects from potential users.

a example of web3 middle funnel

Bottom Funnel (BOFU)

We tie up any loose ends in MOFU and give prospects powerful brand recall in exchange for their confidence, helping them become genuine users.

a example of web3 bottom funnel

Why We Are the Best at Web3 Designing

  • To engage your target audience and produce organic leads, we develop a comprehensive design approach that aligns with your brand.


  • Hiring an in-house designer and training them to develop creatives for Web3 goals is tedious and costly. Our expert designers can quickly understand your social media goals to deliver viral campaign designs.


  • Every animation, graphics, and creative we develop is custom-made based on your project. The creative pieces must produce a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience.


  • Engage your followers on platforms like Telegram and Discord by uploading attractive creatives. We provide 24/7 support and immediate design requirements if you are uploading them.


  • Refresh and reload the brand with a new logo and creatives to catch the audience's attention. Our rebranding can bring a new brand image for your project to the market.


  • Design posts and create videos or animations ranging from high-quality graphics for social media posts to inspire your target audience to take action.


  • Ensure that your project does not lag on search engine rankings by conducting regular web3 SEO, on-page and off-page optimization for designs, and report generation.


  • Set a brand theme to connect with suitable media to boost brand awareness and visibility.


  • Assistance with design and development based on existing web3 market needs and market penetration strategies to establish a solid brand image.

Result-Oriented Web3 Desgin Company

  • With our advanced designing tools and in-house expertise in web3 marketing, Megaverse attracted massive website traffic in no time.


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Our Web3 Design Experts, At Your Service

In order to boost your organic traffic and revenue, our talented writers design fantastic web3 specific design and actively promote the same on your website, across media houses, and social media platforms.
Dev Sharma.jpg
Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO
Web3 marketer since ’16. Web3 Marketing Innovation Leader at Cointelegraph. Ex-Regional Director at OKX.
Mohit Ahuja.jpg
Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer
Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.
Ahsaas Syed
Head of Growth
With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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