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With a roster of over 1800+ web3 influencers across categories, you work with the best in the industry. We are the only web3 Influencer Marketing agency to offer influencers at “0 margin“ across TikTok, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Our strategies are customized towards the goals of each project and none-a-like.
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Ciervo Crypto King, Influencer
Full Value Dan, Influencer
Trading Copter, Influencer

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Leading Web3 Influencer Marketing Services

Twitter Influencer Marketing

With the right Twitter Influencers, you engage a loyal community that in-turn help increase brand sales. They are a right balance  of Micro and  macro influencers, selected strategically to meet your project goals.

Crypto Paid Marketing Twitter

Tiktok Influencer Marketing

Our Tik-Tok marketing strategies are trendy, highly discoverable and designed to reach new audiences to increase visibility of your web3 project. Tik Tok content is entirely algorithm-driven and is largely about how innovative your strategy is. We design campaigns that not only align with your project's goals but also reach a wider audience.


YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube’s algorithm allows informative, engaging long form content to reach millions in just a matter of days. With the right strategy and a well researched SEO plan, YouTube Infleuncers can help you reach a niche audience that highly resonates with your project, ultimately building a community and bringing a large ROI.


Instagram Influencer Marketing

Did you know IG influencers are known to bring 10 -15% more traffic directly to your project website?. With the right IG influencers you can build a real time engagement and value for your project. On Ig you can build brand awareness, increase conversions and engage an organic community.

Crypto Instagram Paid Ads

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Drive ROI with Data-Driven Web3 Influencer Marketing

Understanding Brand Requirements

Identifying the brand goal is the foundation of influencer marketing strategy. The scalable Blockwiz influencer marketing campaigns let your project to amplify digital growth and establish a brand recall.

blockwiz work on your primary objectives

Expert Brand Positioning

we assist on conducting market research, identifying key brand attributes, and developing a unique and compelling brand positioning of a brand in the market to differentiate it from its competitors and effectively communicate its value proposition to its target audience.


Extend YourBrand Visibility

With a thriving hub of Infleuncers and networks across web3, you can now accelerate your project visibility to millions of potential customers. At Blockwiz, we do everything. Right from research to reporting, we curate influencers for your project.
our brand.


Boost Your Exposure and Stay in Control of Your Reputation

By proactively managing your online reputation, you can build trust and credibility with your audience and position your brand as a trusted and respected leader in your industry. To stay in control of your reputation, we built a solid social media presence, engaging with customers and followers, creating high-quality content, and responding promptly to negative feedback or reviews.


Seamless Execution Within Your Budget

Budget-friendly marketing execution requires careful planning and the ability to prioritize and allocate resources effectively. You can effectively promote your business without breaking the bank by being mindful of your budget and finding creative ways to stretch your marketing dollars.


Real-time Campaign Analytics

Real-time campaign analytics provide the insights and agility needed to optimize marketing efforts and drive better business outcomes.With real-time analytics, marketers can identify which channels and tactics are working best, and adjust their strategy accordingly.  We help you to reach your target audience more effectively to increase conversions.


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Clients adore working with us

P_D Advisory1.png
Simon Fletcher
Aleksandr Agapitov
Karin Broennimann
Kieren Brumbly
We set a 40% increase in growth target at the end of the quarter. However, the strategic planning of Blockwiz helped us reach our target much earlier than expected. Looking forward to working with you guys again!
Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher

CBDO, Megaverse

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* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.

Get the latest in Web3 Influencer Marketing

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FUDless Influencer Marketing Campaigns at Zero Margin

  • We are experts at making crypto brands go viral.


  • Blockwiz has assisted 550+ amplification campaigns with the top crypto KOLs in the world across various media.


  • We offer authentic and data-driven influencer marketing campaigns and an integrated performance report dashboard shared with clients periodically.


  • Our core marketing secret is to create result-driven campaigns that construct real impacts within the minimum possible time. 


  • We cover influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and all other relevant social platforms.


  • Customer-centric twitter influencer campaigns can generate huge engagement and brand recognition for your web3 project. 


  • Tweets of popular topics related to your project with the well-researched hashtag strategy aid in garnering increased engagement.


  • We delivered millions of page views and engagements for projects through influencers for our client projects.

Our Influencer campaign Execution

  • Client Project Analysis: Our experts address all the influencer marketing requirements of the client. Before developing the strategy, we analyze data and metrics related to the project, such as project budget, timeline, and deliverables and identify opportunities to optimize processes and deliver better results.


  • Defining the Strategy: We have a plethora of different influencer marketing strategies. Our influence experts develop a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy considering the KPIs of the client. Our deadlines and results are strict.


  • Connecting with Influencers: We connect the brand with top influencers. Influencers are dealt with by us on behalf of the brand, and the client is able to communicate directly with the influencers and understand the process.


  • Execution and Results: You get a simplified dashboard with real-time data on the influencers' performance on different platforms with our fully managed influencer partnership service. Our data-driven influencer marketing approach can drive the best results for your brand.

3 Funnel System We Use For All Web3 Projects

Top Funnel (TOFU)

We emphasize brand recognition and communicate specifically about how the product addresses an issue in order to connect with consumers on a personal level.

a example of web3 top funnel

Middle Funnel (MOFU)

Users are encouraged to inquire about products, and we target the top 50% of consumers in TOF for brand recall in order to separate prospects from potential users.

a example of web3 middle funnel

Bottom Funnel (BOFU)

We tie up any loose ends in MOFU and give prospects strong brand recall in exchange for their confidence, helping them become genuine users.

a example of web3 bottom funnel

Tales of Successful Influencer Campaigns

  • Successfully executed 550+ campaigns across Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Facebook & Instagram, We have achieved the most effective viral web3 campaigns. 


  • Blockwiz is tied with the most genuine and authentic influencers worldwide for web3 projects. The brand has a proven track record of creating and executing viral influencer campaigns across different social media platforms for web3 initiatives.


  • The trustworthy and bonafide crypto influencers who promote your brand through well-curated content can create a huge impact on the web3 community for your project. We have been executing that since Web3 started evolving in the market.


  • Blockwiz travels ahead of the curve by ensuring that no fake followers are associated with our influencer networks. We work only with top-rated influencers globally.

Result-Oriented Web3 Influencer Marketing Agency

  • Here are some brands that skyrocketed their brand visibility with our influencer campaigns


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World’s Best Web3 Influencer Marketing Experts

Our talented team plans fantastic web3 influencer campaigns and actively markets them. We expand your user base and interact with the global web3 community.
Dev Sharma.jpg
Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO
Web3 marketer since ’16. Web3 Marketing Innovation Leader at Cointelegraph. Ex-Regional Director at OKX.
Mohit Ahuja.jpg
Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer
Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.
Ahsaas Syed
Head of Growth
With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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