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We create strategic campaigns to drive brand awareness, promote trust and build a highly engaged community to help drive brand goals. Our PR is supported by long-term SEO strategies to build content that reaches its target audience.
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Products & Services PR Strategy

Up your game with our foolproof PR strategies by understanding pain points, offering befitting solutions, and reinforcing them with marketing campaigns.


Expert Storytelling

Brand storytelling builds emotional connections with the audience based on authenticity, values, shared needs, and aspirations increasing brand recall and evangelism.


Crowdfunding Campaigns

Credible and effective crowdfunding campaigns to boost web3 brand awareness and raise funds essential for initial phases. 


Crisis Management

The expert crisis management team is well-trained for predicting concerning patterns and clearly assigning team responsibilities with effective communication. 

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Executive Visibility

Helping executives with an effective executive visibility strategy to establish their authority and personal branding in web3 business. 


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High-geared Web3 PR Strategies

Goals Definition

Before starting any Web 3.0 public relations campaign, we define your business goals. Find the real objectives such as campaign expectations, increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving sales. Then we create a plan to help you achieve them.


Core Audience Focused

We focus on your core audience for your Web 3.0 PR campaign. Once identified, we align and identify suitable influencers who can then reach your target audience through shoutouts, brand collaborations, and promotions.


Influencers Selection

We focus on influencers’ reach, engagement, and relevance. We choose authentic influencers with an organic community who are a perfect fit for your brand, and we execute marketing campaigns across all platforms guaranteeing wide reach.


Well Thought-out Influencer Marketing Plan

As with any marketing campaign, a successful Web 3.0 PR campaign requires a well-thought-out plan. By planning and executing your campaign properly, you can achieve your goals and make a lasting impact.


Relevant Content Creation Process

Creating great and relevant content for Web 3.0 PR campaigns. We avoid old content as it proves to be low value. Also, we assist you with content creation that is relevant to your audience and your brand while keeping it engaging and well-written.


Blockwiz in the News

A Robust Web3 PR Strategy that Works

  • Increase visibility for your project through targeted media outreach and thought-leadership content.


  • Engage directly with key influencers to build relationships and drive awareness.


  • Create a strong social media presence to connect with potential users and build a community around your project.

Our clients love working with us

P_D Advisory1.png
Simon Fletcher
Aleksandr Agapitov
Karin Broennimann
Kieren Brumbly
We set a 40% increase in growth target at the end of the quarter. However, the strategic planning of Blockwiz helped us reach our target much earlier than expected. Looking forward to working with you guys again!
Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher

CBDO, Megaverse

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* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.
* Please ensure to select your local time zone while you book the meeting.

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  • Blockwiz provides the highest value services to our clients by developing comprehensive communications strategies to reach a massively wide audience.


  • Our PR team helps clients secure better deals with carefully crafted coverage-securing releases, pitches, and announcements leading to commercial viability, business success, and long-term growth.


  • Blockwiz has established vigorous connections, allowing mega coverage among media channels, such as Cointelegraph and Entrepreneur, for better reach and ROI.


  • We’ve been helping projects for more than 3 years with our Web3 marketing strategy and have seen success time and time again. In less than 30 days, our three-funnel approach helps us create pre-IDO hype leading to exceptional results of a 37.7k+ increase of new users on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, with 19% engagement on Telegram.


  • We specialize in marketing projects that have an ecosystem of applications, services, and products.


  • The end goal of our web3 marketing approach is to increase the adoption and usage of the project’s ecosystem. By taking a holistic view of the project and focusing on the ecosystem as a whole, we can help projects achieve their goals and objectives.

Blockwiz, A Web3 PR Agency as Your Success Formula

  • We are Web3 specialists that understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with Web3. We deeply understand the technologies and platforms that power the Web3 ecosystem and the communities that are driving its growth.


  • We have a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns for web3 projects. We have a team of experienced specialists who are experts in digital marketing, communications, and community management. We know how to reach and engage with key influencers and decision-makers.


  • Blockwiz is an agile and flexible agency that can scale up or down to meet the requirements of your project. We have a network of trusted partners and influencers that we can call on to deliver the best results for your campaign.


  • Being a values-driven agency, we believe in the power of the decentralized web to transform the world for the better. We are committed to working with projects that share our values and are building a better future for everyone.

3 Funnel System For the Win

Top Funnel (TOFU)

We emphasize brand recognition and communicate specifically about how the product addresses an issue in order to connect with consumers on a personal level.

a example of web3 top funnel
Middle Funnel (MOFU)

Users are encouraged to inquire about products, and we target the top 50% of consumers in TOF for brand recall in order to separate prospects from potential users.

a example of web3 middle funnel
Bottom Funnel (BOFU)

We tie up any loose ends in MOFU and give prospects strong brand recall in exchange for their confidence, helping them become genuine users.

a example of web3 bottom funnel

7 Steps Web3 Approach for PR

  • We will research and identify the most relevant and influential media outlets and journalists in the blockchain/cryptocurrency headroom.


  • We will develop targeted media lists and pitch angles that will resonate with each outlet’s audience.


  • We will secure high-level placements in major publications and online news sites through strong relationships with key editors and reporters.


  • We will distribute timely, newsworthy press releases to generate buzz and media attention around your project.


  • We will proactively manage media relations, conducting interviews and coordinating press conferences and media events.


  • We will monitor, track, and measure all media coverage to report on the success of our PR efforts.


  • We will continue to cultivate relationships with key media contacts to ensure long-term success.

Result-Oriented Web3 Marketing Agency

  • With our data-driven approach towards web3 marketing, Caldance was able to sell 95% of their NFT vouchers in 90 days.


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  • We attracted more than 250K views for XLA in just 30 days with our comprehensive web3 marketing strategies.


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Our Web3 Marketing Experts, At Your Service

Our talented team designs fantastic web3 products and actively markets them. We expand your user base and interact with the global web3 community.
Dev Sharma.jpg
Dev Sharma
Founder & CEO
Web3 marketer since ’16. Web3 Marketing Innovation Leader at Cointelegraph. Ex-Regional Director at OKX.
Mohit Ahuja.jpg
Mohit Ahuja
Chief Solutions Officer
Understanding marketing numbers is his forte. The mage has scaled up businesses by 5x.
Ahsaas Syed
Head of Growth
With a growth oriented mindset, Ahsaas has worked with 35+ brands, ensuring their success.

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