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Best DeFi Marketing Agency: Our Top Picks

[ez-toc]Turning around traditional peer-to-peer transactions, decentralized finance (DeFi) uses blockchain technology to redefine transactions, investments, and financial services. 

  • The total market cap of the DeFi ecosystem, as of March 2023, was over $100 billion, with the total volume locked (TVL) standing at $75 billion. 
  • More than 6 million unique wallets are active and have completed an on-chain DeFi transaction from among the 45 million blockchain wallets. 
  • Data from Consensys shows over 17,000 DeFi protocols and applications

For DeFi projects and protocols, finding a voice and cutting through the noise can become difficult. 

A DeFi marketing agency can help you capture the attention of potential users, investors, and stakeholders. 

In this guide, we tell you about the top DeFi marketing agencies we recommend and why they’re changing how DeFi narratives are constructed. 

What Is a DeFi Marketing Agency?

The whole concept of decentralized finance is relatively new and radical. 

DeFi makes use of smart contracts on public blockchains to facilitate transactions in a trustless fashion.  

It doesn’t require banks or intermediaries to verify or authorize transactions. You can lend, borrow, or earn interest through DeFi. 

Each DeFi project can have a unique use case. 

  • Maker Protocol allows users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies.
  • DyDx is a DEX for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Venus Protocol and Compound are other popular borrowing and lending DeFi protocols. 

Constructing a DeFi marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the crypto markets and marketing dynamics that will provide the ultimate connection with the target customers. 

That’s where a DeFi marketing agency comes in.

These top DeFi marketing agencies create custom solutions for DeFi protocols by studying their use case, deciding the buyer personas, and identifying the channels that will work best for their client. 

And, as the number of protocols increases at a staggering speed, a DeFi marketing company has become integral for the success of any DeFi project or company.

How do I choose a DeFi Marketing Agency? 

Your DeFi project’s success hinges on you choosing a DeFi marketing company that understands your business needs and delivers high ROI marketing campaigns.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to zeroing in on the top DeFi marketing agencies: 

1. Conduct due diligence and research the website 

The first step you must take is to research the DeFi Marketing Agency’s website meticulously. 

  • A comprehensive DeFi marketing agency should offer a mix of DeFi marketing strategy, content creation, social media management, community engagement, and analytics. 
  • Look into the DeFi marketing company’s team members. Seek out team bios and LinkedIn profiles to gauge their industry experience. 
  • Study their portfolio to assess their past projects and clients. A diverse portfolio featuring a mix of DeFi marketing services demonstrates their versatility. 
  • A well-designed DeFi marketing services website with clear and concise information indicates professionalism and attention to detail. 

Some top DeFi marketing agencies list specialized plans for DeFi as one of the options. Those can be a good choice, too. 

2. Check out their case studies and reviews

Review their case studies once you are satisfied that the Web3 marketing agency is genuine. This step is essential at several levels. 

  • First, it will let you know what projects the DeFi marketing agency has handled. They should have dealt with large-scale DeFi projects in the past.
  • Second, you would learn the process and DeFi marketing strategy they adopt to yield results. 

Ask the agency to provide a detailed DeFi marketing services breakdown, from initial research and planning to execution and analysis. 

  • Study their goals, KPIs, etc. Knowing this, you would also realize if they could replicate or better the outcomes in your case. Plus, you need a DeFi marketing agency to focus on the relevant KPIs for your project. 

Example- For a DeFi marketing company seeking to attract investors and achieve token liquidity, KPIs such as trading volume, liquidity pool size, and token price performance could be crucial.

See how Blockwiz helped Chain Up achieve 75 Domain Authority in 90 days!

3. Consider the customer reviews and testimonials 

Customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials are social proof of the DeFi marketing agency’s work in the past. 

For example, Prashant Kale, the co-founder of Fusible, says,

Our partnership with Blockwiz has yielded great results for us. Their digital marketers and growth experts have worked strategically to boost our marketing efforts based on our business objectives. Their experience in the ecosystem brings in innovative ideas, and we hope to continue working with Blockwiz for better and bigger campaigns in the future.

These testimonials evidence clients’ experience with the DeFi marketing agency. 

Beyond testimonials, checking out review websites such as Crunchbase, Clutch, GoodFirms, Google My Business, etc., can also prove useful for gathering notes about the best DeFi marketing agencies on third-party websites. 

4. Match Your Marketing Budget 

Look for the best DeFi marketing agencies that can get the most out of your budget. Look for DeFi marketing agency customizations that suit your needs best and deliver high ROI. 

The top DeFi marketing agencies provide you with a dashboard or regular reports to keep tabs on marketing plans’ performance. Additionally, ensure the DeFi marketing company has active customer support to answer your queries. 

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The Top DeFi Marketing Agencies: Our Picks

The DeFi space is so crammed with projects that it takes a special agency to get the DeFi marketing strategy just right for your brand. 

Now that you know what conditions must be considered while choosing a DeFi marketing agency, let’s see our best DeFi marketing agencies for 2023. 

1. Blockwiz – Strategic Data-driven Marketing

A website homepage screenshot of Blockwiz, one of the leading DeFi marketing agencies.

Blockwiz was formed in 2019 with just one role- bringing trust to the crypto community. It’s founded by Dev Sharma, who led the world’s largest cryptocurrency organizations, such as OKEx and Paxful.

The three core tenets of the award-winning Web3 marketing agency were full transparency, data-driven DeFi marketing services, and cutting-edge marketing expertise

What makes Blockwiz so special?

Blockwiz has delivered concrete DeFi marketing services for some of the top crypto brands and is thus counted among the best DeFi marketing agencies. 

In 2022, Blockwiz launched its in-house Web3 creative studio, the first for any DeFi marketing agency, which means it’s the first agency to have full control over the content and design they create for its clients. 

See how Blockwiz helped the Cardano-powered exchange AdaSwap improve conversion rates to 62%.

What Does Blockwiz Specialize In?

Blockwiz offers world-class full-stack DeFi marketing services:

  • We craft compelling campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, while our expert audits and copywriting take your impressions and following to new heights.
  • Community is everything. Our dedicated team ensures 24/7 moderation, community audits, and engaging weekly campaigns for your Discord and Telegram channels. 
  • Stand out in the digital jungle! Our SEO wizards perform meticulous on- and off-page optimization, conduct website audits, and strategically enhance keywords and backlinks. 
  • We connect you with top-tier crypto influencers on YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram. Your project will reach millions of crypto enthusiasts and investors, generating valuable views and impressions that fuel your success.
  • Our PR experts craft compelling narratives and secure sponsored articles on renowned media outlets.
  • We empower you with intuitive KPI dashboards and detailed reports that track every move of your campaigns.

Team Size

Blockwiz has a team of 70+ strategists, marketers, designers, and crypto experts. 

Top Clients 

  • Kucoin
  • Bybit
  • OKEx
  • Delta
  • Vauld
  • CoinDCX

Contact Details

You can contact us here


You can directly contact Blockwiz to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your needs.

2. BDC Consulting – DeFi marketing for FinTech brands

Business Development Centre (BDC) is another gem from the best DeFi marketing agencies list. 

The DeFi marketing agency and its marketers have served over 80 big names in the industry, including OKEx,, etc., to help boost their audience engagement via multi-channel marketing, strategy launches, and alliance developments. 

What does BDC Consulting specialize in? 

BDC Consulting provides businesses with DeFi marketing services and Web3 marketing agency solutions.

  • Social media marketing toolkit alongside collaborations with prominent social media influencers. 
  • Multichannel marketing and partnership building for customer retention. 
  • Market research, campaign management, and budgeting and selection of DeFi marketing strategies to build reach and increase conversions. 
  • Marketing campaigns for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) to attract investors and grow audiences. 

Top Clients

  • Crypto.Com
  • Pantera
  • Gate.Io
  • Master Ventures 
  • Shima Capital 
  • Binance Labs 
  • A+ Ventures

Contact Details 

You can contact them here.


You can contact BDC Consulting directly to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your DeFi marketing services needs.Read more: From NFTs to DAOs: A Comprehensive Guide to Web3 Community Building

3. X10 Agency – turnkey solutions for DeFi and crypto projects 

A website homepage screenshot of X10, one of the leading DeFi marketing agencies.X10 Agency is another full-service DeFi marketing agency recognized by Forbes, Hackernoon, and DesignRush for its excellent delivery of marketing solutions for its Web3 clients. 

It provides full turn-key DeFi marketing services exclusively. The solutions include services like marketing and community management, social media management, DeFi listings, growth hacking, legal advisory,  etc. 

What does X10 Agency specialize in?

X10 is among the best DeFi marketing agencies for several services. 

  • A comprehensive audit of a DeFi project’s financial model, market search, and website, and identifying the major areas of improvement. 
  • Worldwide PR packages, DeFi influencers, and placements on trending crypto media and publishing outlets for extending the reach and increasing brand recognition. 
  • Localized solutions, community management, support on several channels, round-the-clock surveillance, and engagement initiatives. 

Top Clients

  • ModiHost
  • TImecoin Protocol
  • DaoBet
  • Entheca
  • FinWhale
  • Aypchain
  • Blockium
  • Platoncoin

Contact Details 

You can contact them here.


You can directly contact X10 Agency to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your needs.

4. Single Grain – Full-service DeFi marketing company

A website homepage screenshot of Single Grain, one of the leading DeFi marketing agencies.Single Grain started as an SEO agency but soon became a DeFi marketing agency providing specialized marketing services to blockchain companies. 

Single Grain is one of the top DeFi marketing agencies using state-of-the-art technology, unmatched talent, and expertise to provide marketing strategies that help transform businesses. 

What does Single Grain specialize in? 

Single Grain helps its clients level up their marketing game without increasing the headcount. Its marketing support services include –

  • Tailor-made DeFi marketing solutions led by experts to help clients formulate a customized digital marketing strategy to attract audiences and defeat competition. 
  • SEO services to help clients attract relevant organic traffic and improve conversion and click-through rates on the website. 
  • 360-degree marketing solutions use paid ads and organic marketing services to facilitate growth for DeFi, NFT, blockchain, crypto, and related businesses.
  • Influencer marketing by partnering with notable influencers in the blockchain space. 

Top Clients

  • Amazon
  • Nextiva
  • Intuit
  • Semrush
  • ImmutableX
  • Nasdaq
  • SimpliSafe
  • Bittrex
  • Salesforce

Contact Details 

You can contact them at


You can directly contact Single Grain to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your needs.

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5. PToken – DeFi fundraising, consulting, and promotion

PToken, a trusted DeFi marketing agency, offers 360-degree solutions for all your DeFi marketing needs but lays particular stress on fundraising, in addition to product exposure and brand recognition. 

The DeFi marketing agency has consulted 120+ projects and helped raise $600 million in investments. It has also partnered with over 500 VCs willing to fund DeFi projects. 

What does PToken specialize in? 

As one of the best DeFi marketing agencies, it supports cutting-edge technology and provides its clients with the right tools and market offerings. 

  • Assistance with fundraising via in-person meetings and pitching sessions with PToken’s global private and institutional investors network. 
  • One-stop solution for crypto and DeFi projects for documentation, consulting, marketing, and PR suited to their projects. 
  • Other blockchain services like whitepaper consulting, legal documentation, token model structuring, etc. 

Top Clients

  • Upbots
  • CreDeFi
  • Standard Protocol
  • EURxb

Contact Details 

You can contact them at +44 734 200 00 88.


You can directly contact Ptoken to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your needs.

6. Crynet – full–stack DeFi advertising  

Crynet is a leading DeFi marketing agency with a unique approach. It aims to foster authentic emotional communications through creative and entertainment formats to attract and retain customers.  

The agency is based in the Czech Republic. It has raised $560 million for its clients and ranked among the best DeFi marketing agencies by GoodFirms.  

What does Crynet specialize in? 

Crynet offers holistic marketing solutions for its clients. 

  • Blockchain and DeFi consulting solutions for startups and small and large businesses worldwide. 
  • Crypto advertising campaigns on leading advertising platforms like Google and Bing.  
  • Creative copywriting or emotional messaging, branding, and communications to establish robust relationships with the audience. 
  • ICO, EOT (Encryption of Things), and STO (Security Token Offering)solutions help businesses raise capital. 

Top Clients

  • HOQU
  • Energi Token

Contact Details 

You can contact them at


You can directly contact Crynet to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your needs.

7. Crypto PR – dedicated DeFi marketing services 

Crypto PR is a top-rated DeFi marketing agency with a team of 100-plus professionals. The agency had dedicated DeFi marketing solutions for  PRs, advertorials, Telegram groups, a network of influencers, and crypto news platforms.  

What does Crypto PR specialize in? 

Crypto PR is one of the best DeFi marketing agencies offering many services to help your brand gain traction.

  • Help you promote your DeFi brand on hundreds of crypto and finance news sites to help you gather publicity and attract new audiences. 
  • Promotes your brand through celebrity endorsements to generate incoming traffic to your website and rope investors for your projects. 
  • The founders are invited to interviews to help build brand awareness around the products and services offered.

Top Clients

  • Student Coin
  • Crytopia
  • CoinEX
  • Binance
  • Paybis
  • E-Toro
  • PrimeBit
  • Merchant Token
  • StormGain

Contact Details 

You can contact them here.


You can directly contact CryptoPR to inquire about their pricing and get a quote tailored to your needs.

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Are you ready to hire a DeFi marketing agency?

We studied the 7 best DeFi marketing agencies and their services. However, the best Web3 marketing agency for you will be the one that understands your marketing goals before suggesting a marketing plan. 

If you are looking for a Web3 marketing agency with a proven track record, expert team, and cutting-edge technology, contact Blockwiz. We deliver custom-made marketing solutions to build brand presence, bring in investors, and attract the right audience to serve all your DeFi marketing needs.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a DeFi marketing agency, and why do I need one?

A DeFi marketing agency specializes in providing marketing solutions for DeFi companies and projects. You need one to effectively promote your DeFi products and services, reach target customers, and stand out.

2. How do I choose from the best DeFi marketing agencies for my project?

Conduct due diligence, research their website and case studies, check customer reviews, match your marketing budget with their plans, and select a DeFi marketing agency that understands your project’s goals.

3. What services do DeFi marketing agencies offer?

A DeFi marketing agency offers services like social media marketing, community growth, SEO, influencer campaigns, PR, content marketing, and more to promote DeFi projects effectively.

4. Can you provide examples of successful DeFi marketing campaigns by these agencies?

For instance, using metric-driven strategies, DeFi marketing agency Blockwiz helped AdaSwap increase its Twitter following by 68k and its token prices post-IDO by 1200% in 30 days.

5. What sets the top DeFi marketing agencies apart from the rest in the industry?

Top Defi marketing agencies stand out in the industry due to their expertise, track record of success, and results-driven approach, with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the unique challenges of DeFi.